Chess Games

We walk on patches of black and white,
Trying to find gray areas where we can share
A cold cup of coffee amidst the lights.
There should be time to look
At your face through a veil of smoke
As cars and passersby roam the streets forevermore.

Evenings melt like rare ice cream breaks
While I try to taste the sweetness that drips
On the floor. I’ll dance with you
Someday, without alcohol to numb our brains
And faces. I’ll kiss you every day
Without lies underneath the soft sheets.

But this world crumbles easily, a sandcastle,
Frightened by waves we plan to create.
Beaches loom in the dreamy red horizon;
I’ll walk on the sand bravely like a knight
Checking the king, sparing the queen as you wish.
Grains of sand fall, reflected in your brown eyes.

We try to extend this game and not play it
For this game is unplayable. How could it be otherwise?
When I see distant beaches in your golden skin
And lips that speak a thousand words I can’t break?
I see forevermore with cars and passersby beside me.
I live this game as real pawns live their deaths.

Take my hand now and let us explore the corners
Of this square world. You’ll tell me stories,
I’ll ask you questions. We’ll walk and cook,
Laugh and look, walk away to hurry to see each other
Again. And I’ll love you like romantic poems
Bursting out of my aching chest in cold rainy mornings.


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3 responses to “Chess Games

  1. magnifika

    It is excellent how you were able to show the possibility of a fairy tale happening in a chess board setting, or how you showed that the world is full of pawns, rooks and bishops, where you function to guard your queen as a pawn, a rook and a bishop rolled into one. Sa madaling salita, the love is there, it just cannot be ignored.

    Technically, sige magiimbento ako ng opinyon. While the format looks traditional, your poem, when read, is breaking rules, which is a good thing for contemporary artists with intentions to actually earn readers. Simple punctuations and capitalizations at the unexpected places make the whole poem typographically independent. It automatically reflects the rhythm of the poem.


    Kinabog mo ang mga kantang pinapangarap ng mga kababaihan na maisulat para sa kanila. Dizizit panzit!

    I am sooo frakkin’ happy to have a writer for a boyfriend pwero biro. Ansarap mong maging karelasyon. Tangna kung araw araw na ganito, di ko ipagpapalit buhay ko kay Sharon Cuneta.

  2. moonwalkerwiz

    I have nothing to say but this poem is for you. I love you! 🙂

  3. magnifika

    You make me the happiest woman alive. As in. Solid. I love you! 🙂

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