Pacquiao is an Artist

Pacquiao is addictive. He’s one of the very few things that catch my attention these days. I update myself on all Pacquiao news every morning before writing my first article for the day. News or opinions about his greatness and popularity just entertain me to no end.

What is it about Pacquiao that interests me? Talent. I love talent no matter how insecure I am of it sometimes. I’ve watched many fights of Pacquiao. I even remember him boxing as a skinny flyweight on Blow by Blow, that old boxing show on Vintage Sports (I think that was channel 13). Back then, the Pacman was just a wild boxer that overpowered and overwhelmed his opponents with a barrage of punches. Now, the Pacman has undoubtedly mastered boxing.

I like Pacquiao because he seems to enjoy his art, boxing. He trains hard, constantly tries to improve himself and always listens to Freddie Roach, his coach/friend/father figure. I just love this amazing tale of a teacher and a student on a seemingly impossible journey of a lifetime to challenge the world’s greatest boxers. And they go down one by one: Barrera, Marquez, Morales, Diaz, De la Hoya.

I’m a fan of people who have their own style and have mastered their art. Ely Buendia, Nietzsche, Bruce Lee: all of these men know their style and their art and they have made the world a richer place because of their work.

Pacquiao also has his own style. If you watch enough boxing, you’ll notice that different fighters have different styles even though all of them use two fists to fight. Erik Morales has his own textbook style with lightning fast jabs, Marquez has his own counterpunching style, and De la Hoya has this awkward stance that is unique to him.

As for Manny’s style, one boxing expert says:

“Manny is a geometric nightmare. He’s not a Filipino, he’s a Fillomino (a puzzle), a geometric nightmare. He doesn’t fight in straight lines. No, to use a baseball jargon, he throws curves and knucklers. In mathematical jargon, he can bend lines and exercise parallels.”  (Strauss, Paul. “Experts Claim Oscar’s Done – Phooey!”

Truly, Pacquiao is a boxing genius. Pacquiao is an artist.

2 thoughts on “Pacquiao is an Artist

  1. Pisikal o mental na bugbugan? Hehe. :))

  2. Sa totoo lang, parang mas gusto ko ngayon ng pisikal na bugbugan. 🙂

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