A is for “Am Outta Here!”

A – Agreed to do it to be with her longer and uplift my sinking spirits for the last days of this year.

N – Not gonna see her during the Christmas vacation so I’m getting worried.

A – Amazing chance to be with her, alone, in a little piece of heaven on earth.

W – Wish it was Saturday already and I’m peering at the sea from my tent.

A – Apprehensive about the budget, but I’m lucky when it matters so this should work.

N – Not possible without the 13th month pay.

G – God, help us make fire and surpass cavemen.

I – I haven’t told my family yet that I’ll be gone over the weekend.

N – No going back. We’ve already bought the tent and I already crave for her too much.


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6 responses to “A is for “Am Outta Here!”

  1. Chemae

    ANAWANGIN IT IS! 🙂 I hope you will be having fun as much as I normally do everytime I am at the beach. BAWAL ang KJ! 🙂

  2. moonwalkerwiz

    Ba’t naman ako make-KJ eh excited na excited na nga ko, hehe. 🙂

  3. Chemae

    Teka ba’t biglang parang mas gusto mo pang magbeach kesa saken? Hahaha.

    • moonwalkerwiz

      Haha, eh kasi gusto ko talaga ng break from our job or lack thereof. I want to see new things. I’m tired of concrete buildings everywhere. I think I need this, hehe.

  4. Chemae

    What a late realization. :))

  5. moonwalkerwiz

    Betta late than neva.

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