To the Strongest Person I Know

Being a distrustful pessimist has its merits. You may not like my dark philosophy in life, but my philosophy may be closer to the true state of things than many happy philosophies out there.

I believe that men, when left to their instincts, are not generally good.

They’ll always exert their will to power, their will to dominate and propagate themselves if given the perfect opportunity. Greed is a natural instinct for survival and dominance.

Yes, there are people who care, people who pray, people who share their wealth and themselves to others. That fact however, does not erase the evil in this world.

Just Google it. I’ve seen videos of men rejoicing over the corpses and decapitated heads of their fellow men. The evening news tells stories of murdered, raped, hurt, shamed and robbed people night after night after night.

I really don’t have to explain it because it’s obvious that that evil is out there. Everyone’s been robbed and shamed before. Everyone’s been hurt before. Sometimes, people even hurt you for no apparent reason.

Guts alone cannot save you every time from that evil. Yes, you are strong, probably the strongest person I’ve ever met, but if you’re not careful, you may encounter something that’s beyond your strength someday. In fact, guts alone haven’t saved you completely in the past.

Trusting people is a virtue but it is also, at the same time, just a roll of dice. You can’t know a person completely. You can interpret his character, gather some information on his personal background, but you can never get to the bottom of his being. You will never know what’s inside his mind.

To trust a person means to surrender all the unknowables of his personality to fate. Those unknowables may be good things or they may be things that are not worth much, but they may also turn out to be things that can lead to your harm or ruin.

I see the good in seeing the good in people. It’s not like I view everyone with a suspicious eye. It’s not like I brand everyone a demon. But my eyes, these eyes of mine — and I’m so proud of them no matter how dark they may be to you — see the potential evil in their actions. They see fires before they even blaze, floods before they even drown anyone, wounds before they open. I am proud of my dark eyes.

But I am not a dark person.

I’m a person who is just more distrustful than you. It comes with being a weaker person. I’m always on the defensive. You’re strong, so you can afford to look at people quite innocently, naively.

What happens though when chance rids you of that strength for a brief moment — a split second?

To the strongest person I know, please listen to the words of the weak, because this weak person loves you like hell.

2 thoughts on “To the Strongest Person I Know

  1. RELAAAAAX! Labyu! Hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Relaxed naman ako ah. Labyutu! ๐Ÿ˜€

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