My Beef With Rock Stars

A modern god to smite measly mortals

I have my own rock idols but I generally hate rock stars to my very bones.

People overestimate and overrate rock stars all the time but it’s fine. It’s natural, normal and expected. One can even say eating, drinking, breathing, and overestimating rock stars are essential to life.

My beef with rock stars is that they are rock stars, unlike me. They strum those electric guitars, bash those drums, scream on those microphones, and work those crowds — unlike me. Their mere existence is injustice to me. I’m small because they’re big. I’m boring because they’re exciting. I’m simple because they’re colorful. I’m me because they’re them.

To qualify this bitterness, let me provide some small personal details on the matter. See, I have a girlfriend who was once a rock star herself. (The term “rock star” here refers to a popular individual who regularly performs rock music before a crowd. ) Since she was once a rock star (and there’s reason to argue that she still is), many of her friends, exes, and acquaintances are rock stars, too.

Now, that might sound simple and innocent to you but it’s a nagging pain for me. Just think: how would you feel if you’re constantly comparing yourself to people who have hundreds of avid followers who think their idols are artistic geniuses? Wouldn’t you feel insignificant compared to these people? Wouldn’t you feel boring and two-dimensional compared to these sweaty, hoarse, exciting and musically gifted individuals?

I am not exaggerating. I’m probably just more sensitive to this issue because of my unique personal circumstances. You can hate me for it but you can’t deny I have a point.

Ladies love rock stars, and that’s a fact. Some of them tell me that they think rock stars are normal people when they’re not on stage. Once they do get up on the stage and start doing their rock-star stuff however, they transform into superheroes, heavenly beings, demigods, immortals or something like that. Did you miss the irrationality in that? Read the paragraph again. Wait, maybe that’s logical. Stupid writer.

What’s a lazy, dark, and whining writer got compared to such untouchable entities? What’s a regular employee in a cold, square building got compared to such blazing, shining, dancing bodies of light?

“Well, the writer can write and the employee can go to work and earn some money,” you might say. Yeah, I see that, but they’re still not rock stars.

Don’t you get it? We’re not rock stars.

We’re not rock stars.

We can’t be rock stars.

And that’s the problem.

6 thoughts on “My Beef With Rock Stars

  1. as much as rock stars are cute, i still prefer a geeky boy. rock star geeks, perhaps that’s a different story.

  2. You don’t go around telling everyone I was once a rockstar because you were never a part of the audience. You have no idea how ordinary I was onstage. I hate the “star” word there. GRRR. Nakakahiya. 😦

    I have dated “rockstars” all my life. We composed songs during free time and patted each other’s backs at the backstage. Pero maniwala ka at sa hindi, ang pangarap ko noon e writer. Pwera bola.

    Pwede rin na kapag puro writers yung mga dine-date ko, nangangarap din siguro ako ng rockstar. Hehe.

    Hindi naman kita nagustuhan dahil writer ka, at hindi ko rin sila nagustuhan dahil mga musikero sila, pero kung kailangan kong pagaanin ang loob mo, sige, lilimitahan ko yung sense of attraction na ito sa mga ganyang klase ng konsepto.

  3. @Chemae: I guess I should have mentioned that I’m using the term “rock star” because “rock performer” or “rock musician” just doesn’t capture all the connotations of the character that I’m talking about. Sex, drugs and rock and roll are all captured in the term “rock star” so I used it even though I’m aware that rock musicians have different levels of popularity and different styles.

    Really? You didn’t like them because they were rock stars? Hmm, I admit that sounds kinda fishy…but ok. :)) I’m so glad I met you when your rock star days were over (or are they? :D). Like I’ve told you before, I might not have summoned enough strength to even talk to you or ask you out if I were just a part of the screaming crowd. Guess I’m extremely lucky in that respect.

    @Kath: Yeah, some girls like geeky boys, but I firmly believe that the geeky boy will lose all his shine and sparkle once the rock star gets up on the stage and sings a romantic, (possibly) deep song.

    Also, geeky boys don’t have crowds. They’re just not cool enough. :))

    Must be terrible though if a guy isn’t a rock star or a geek. Simple is boring, generally.

  4. Uulitin ko, I didn’t like them just because they were rock stars. I was part of that “rock star” world, and naturally, my social circle was filled with “rock stars.” My social circle was not wide enough to have met writers, geeks, gamers or ballers. My social circle was limited. I don’t expect myself to date “the other species” when there’s a very slim chance of meeting them.

    It makes sense that now, I am in a relationship with an officemate and not a rock star, because my social circle is kinda limited to Tyc00n.

    Haynako. Haha.

  5. Pucha na-guilty ako, LOL, di naman ako rockstar o writer (I’m a sentence aggregationist)

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