Time in My Wallet, Money on My Watch

Time and money must be the same thing.

Think about it: if you’ve got more money, then you can buy more time, and if you’ve got more time, then you can make more money. I think there is a direct relationship here that could lead to the conclusion that these two concepts mean the same thing. Time and money could just be two different terms for power.

I’m in a position to hold this belief because I’m running out of these things these days — or nights. When I whip out my wallet to buy “budget meals” at Balog’s carinderia, I notice the thickness of paper bills there getting dangerously thin. After such instances, I usually remember that I have to work on my “freelance articles” immediately to make more paper bills next time; but then I remember that I also don’t have much time because I’ve got other priorities; sleeping and love life, for example (and I won’t compromise those easily).

And then there are also times when I need more time to work on the Web comic that I’m drawing for ages, but I can’t fit it anywhere in my schedule. Concentrating on two different things at night is really difficult, thanks to the unnatural settings of my body clock. Then I realize, if I were filthy rich right now, I can quit all my jobs and just go nuts drawing this Web comic forever. I could invest in something ambitious and put all my energies developing my art. But that’s not possible since I only have enough money to buy a short period of time for leisure and creativity.

Working hard for money also means working hard for time. Now that I’m trying to be a Senior Writer by writing ridiculously difficult stuff, I have to throw away all inhibitions and just accept my dark fate as a night shift employee. I don’t have “tomorrows” anymore, just a couple of hours before work starts again.

I’m crossing one day to another, pushing the night to its death and the day to its birth while hoping that I’m also pushing the contents of my wallet to grow overnight.

When you’ve got so much of these two resources, they eventually disappear from your life. People who have so much money can buy so much time that the pressure to fit things into schedules evaporates in the air. Money ceases to become an issue, as well as time.  Of course, there’s always the issue of how to make that money grow, but the funny thing is, you can buy people who will worry about that issue. Curiously, you set yourself free from time and money only when you have colossal quantities of them.

Indeed, the most powerful men don’t feel power at all. Power is natural to them, like their noses and eyes. Only people who don’t have enough are sensitive of power. To add another metaphor, beautiful people don’t feel beauty. Only people who are not beautiful enough are aware of its existence. Freedom means excess.

Time can be bent by money through various means. Rich folks pay for vitamins, good food, clean environments to live in, cosmetics and surgical procedures to bend time to their will. I bet when cryonics becomes possible, the wealthiest on earth will be the first ones to achieve some kind of physical immortality, erasing time altogether.

But that’s stretching the possibilities a bit too far. Right now, I can only observe that I need more time and money in order to keep on living sanely. Which reminds me, you can also set yourself free from time and money through madness and death — another identical concepts.

2 thoughts on “Time in My Wallet, Money on My Watch

  1. Uyyyy! Kumi-keyword stuffing ka ha! SEO! Hahahaha. :))


    Yun lang.

  2. Haha, sorry po! Hanggang dito na lang yan sa blog, wala na sa outside world! Pramis! 😀

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