Like a High School Confession

Thank you!
Where I came from, swampy filth sticks to the soles,
Night is greedy and frost sulks in the pores.
Stumbling on rocky, weed-infested Fridays,
I fell to the light, sank into the vacuum of your brown eyes,
Watched myself self-destruct then fuse again,
A replay of that Big Bang cliche, overplayed, like a rant on our latest pay.
And far away, seven or ten cubicles of pain, I long for breaks
With you. I don’t mind these shadowy characters, smoking in corners
When I’m with you. I can lie on the ground until six in the morning
Opening my longing mouth for cheap coffee eternally pouring
Down, down, down — down on my belly that has been so blessed
To be caressed by a fairy, cloaking, glancing from behind the lighter’s flame,
So thank you!

I weave these words at the break of dawn,
Crush a hundred songs accidentally made.
I seek your lips forever from this hour,
Free myself from the shackles of carefulness.

By my own will, I choose to be helpless.
Please, let the congested train carry me to your beaches.
Allow me to abandon all intelligence and sciences
To linger weekdays in your cramped bedroom.
Because I can’t help but observe for a hundredth time
How your power stretches from cheek to cheek, baring stars in seconds
As I’m pushed to exaggeration, romanticizing unproductive cuddles.
Let me hide my feelings behind words stacked with wrong meanings
So I might not bastardize this miracle inside me.

Please, let’s not analyze why I end up with puffy eyes.
It’s probably your teasing childishness that tugs at my tastebuds.
The old black and white dress might be the reason for the patient waits,
And the dizzying fragrance of a perfume sprayed on the floor.
Come, forget the questions! Why and how I abandon
Sheets of paper, book chapters, some initially striking, deceiving quotations.
Allow me to turn silent and look on in amazement,
Pepper a poem with rhymes like a high school confession.

Now I declare this need unparalleled.
Break me, ignore me, sent me packing for more outlandish wishes.
Give me fifteen minutes to figure out how best to climb the stairs
And I’ll hug you again, warmer than your hectic summers.
Live for a million years more, fossilize yourself in a million memes,
And I’ll search for the tips of your shadow, dodging the latest viruses,
Receiving more critical, exasperating friends’ comments.

(Got to get up, stretch my thin legs and start planning
How to keep you tuned in, think twice of flying
To distant provinces and countries with promises of a better life,
To stay here with me, sipping cup noodles and chewing stale bread.)

So go ahead and grow weary
Of my repetitive monologues on futile philosophies.
Just extend your soft hand again, with funky colors on fingernails,
Allow my lips to drain the life out of it
For a chance to be awake another long, exhausting evening.
For there’s nothing left now but to thank you
For the novel of a life so recklessly journeyed,
For kissing this soul years harried.
Please, witness me weave these words at the break of dawn sighing,
Crush a hundred songs accidentally made,
Step on cigarette sticks boringly huffed,
Hop three steps at a time trying to make it on time
To the fourth floor,
Turn the key,
Tip-toe in the darkness,
Slide the door,
And plunge once more
Into your heart.

4 thoughts on “Like a High School Confession

  1. Tungkol dapat sa akin ito dahil ako ang kinikilig! Hahahaha. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you, my future d******t. Haha!

  2. Aba eh tungkol pa ba kanino yan! Haha, nung Friday ko pa sinimulan yan, ngayon ko lang natapos, hehe. I love you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Onga, parang nadama ko rin kung saan ka nag-stop nung Friday at kung saan mo ipinagpatuloy ulit. Hahahaha.

  4. Haha, oo nga, merong mga clues dyan ng mga events na kani-kanina lang nangyari, hehe. ๐Ÿ˜€

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