“That” MRT Song

30% of my working life is probably spent riding the MRT. I’ve made dozens of observations on it, most of them rather superficial and stupid. I even wrote a short story on it a long time ago. Riding that train twice a day for almost three years now has made me kinda like an organic part of it. I’m probably inextricable from it, a mark of a true working class man who has to ride the cheapest, most sweaty transportation in the city to get things done.

But the MRT is not just a place to sniff the dripping armpits of people from every part of the metro. It is also a place where, as I found out, two people can share happy, cheesy moments together. While everyone is busy looking outside at the dilapidated buildings and rusty railroad tracks, my blue fairy and I could be found just cherishing the 15-minute ride from North Ave. to Shaw Boulevard. Some people could probably see us singing to this song:

By: Fairground

I have been broken once or twice
Walked over fire, got crashed on the street
Jumped off a cliff, not a feather on my back
Yet I still smile every time I fall

Coz you’re my magic, my superpower, my red cape
You’re my guilty pleasure, beautiful insanity
You call me crazy, the fool of the town
Just give me a kiss and I’ll do it all over again

I’d stop a train if I had the chance
Drive a motorbike to the edge of the world
Ride a shooting star in a white wedding dress
And blow you a kiss as I pass by

Coz you’re my magic, my superpower, my red cape
You’re my guilty pleasure, beautiful insanity
You call me crazy, the fool of the town
Just give me a kiss and I’ll do it all over again
You’re my magic, my superpower, my red cape
Just give me a kiss and I’ll do it all over again…

I have been broken time and again
Shattered and bruised, running on a limb
I could spend my life crushed and bent
But I won’t let go of this wonderful mistake

Coz you’re my magic, my superpower, my red cape
You’re my guilty pleasure, beautiful insanity
You call me crazy, the fool of the town
Just give me a kiss, just give me a kiss
You’re my magic, my superpower, my red cape
You’re my guilty pleasure, beautiful insanity
You call me crazy, the fool of the town
Just give me a kiss and I’ll do it all over again

I didn’t really like this song at first, but my ears somehow got used to its tune. She said it sounds like a theme song of a radio station. I kinda agree. It got to the point however that this song got so stuck in my head that I had to get an MP3 of it. After some quick research, I found its lyrics, which made me love the song even more. I can completely relate to the mushiness of it which tells of someone’s sacrifice for a love that’s not necessarily all pleasure. “Wonderful Mistake” was written by the band Fairground, of which no information could be gathered online except from this website.

So here it is now, for anyone who also wants to hear its entirety. Download THAT MRT SONG right here.



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31 responses to ““That” MRT Song

  1. magnifika

    Station ID, not theme song of a radio station. Hehehe. Grabe, natatawa ako sa kantang ito. Maygaaaad! Coz you’re mah magic, mah supahpower mah redkeheyppp.. Hahahaha. πŸ™‚

  2. FershinManu

    Hey THANKS a LOT! I’ve been searching this song in the past weeks, to the point gathering small details of its lyrics in hope I can search the entire song but to no avail. Luckily someone else got the grasp of this opus.

    Now I know the MRT version is shorter. “Wonderful Mistake” took my subconscious attention during my one sleepy ride. It became a sweet tune to my ears to the point it is one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to my next MRT ride!

  3. moonwalkerwiz

    @ Chemae: Hindi kaya sya nakakatawa — nakakatuwa. Ok, there’s a difference. Hahaha. :))

    @FershinManu: You’re welcome. It’s probably the most popular MRT song. Meron pang isang kanta, yung slow na ballad, pero hindi ko makita sa Internet. Hopefully, pag may details na lumabas, makita ko rin at mai-post ko dito. Happy listening! πŸ˜€

  4. ei f makita mo naman yun song na may lyrics na i hate to be in love paki post naman hehe… nd ko din makita sa web eh… di kaya nagbebenta mrt ng cd nun??? hehehehe…. gue…. wait q ah… hehehe

  5. moonwalkerwiz

    Hinahanap ko nga rin yang song na yan pare. Merong mga konting lyrics sa Web pero sinulat din lang ng mga nakakarinig sa MRT. As of now, wala pa kong makitang reliable source para dyan. Pag nakakita ko, post ko agad. MRT CD? Haha, pwede! πŸ˜€

    • chrysler

      tagal ko na din nagse-search para sa song na yun pero hanggang ngayon di ko pa din makita.. so sad 😦

      sana man lang marinig ko sya sa mga radio stations.. ganda eh.. nakaka-relate ako, hehe…

      • moonwalkerwiz

        Oo nga eh. Nag-email ako sa website ng MRT para hingin yung songs pero I doubt na magre-respond sila. Anyway, sana may makapag-leak ng MP3s ng mga songs na ‘to para mapakinggan natin ng buo. πŸ™‚

  6. magnifika

    Wow daddy andami mo ng friends! Hahahaha. πŸ™‚

  7. moonwalkerwiz

    Hindi naman, may demand lang kasi dito sa topic na to, haha. πŸ˜€

  8. jake

    if alam mo din ung song na may lyrics na:
    “I’m so alive when you are here by my side with no more fears and no lies…”

    dko sure kung tama ung lyrics pero lalaki ung kumanta πŸ˜‰

    pa-email ako.. ^__^


  9. moonwalkerwiz

    @jake: Ah, oo, yung parang reggae yata yan. Sige, hanapin ko tapos post ko dito pag nahanap ko. Thanks. πŸ˜€

  10. yoj

    hi pipz…got interested here, i’ve been riding MRT since last march lang..masikip at nakakainis kung minsan pero consolation yung mga trivia at songs. i’m particularly interested to this song na may ganitong lyrics “i’m getting worse each day, i’m getting weak and i’m so sick”, hope someone will post an MP3 of it. My bestfriend thought it was Somewhere in New Mexico and gave an MP3 of it but he’s wrong.


  11. moonwalkerwiz

    @yoj: Sobrang daming naghahanap ng MP3 or lyrics man lang ng kantang yan pero wala talaga kong makita sa Web. Based sa voice, parang Fairground din ang kumanta nyan. Unfortunately, wala talagang available na info sa Fairground kundi yung nasa Website na nasa article. Ni wala nga silang forums man lang. Meron silang iilang videos sa Youtube pero covers lang kinakanta nila. Anyway, subukan ko silang kontakin to know kung sila nga yung kumanta ng kantang gusto mo. πŸ™‚

  12. sam

    man thanks dun sa wonderful mistake hahaha astig nung song na to eh…nakakawala nang pagka bato sa MRT hahhaahaa,kinakanta ko to kapag naririnig ko sa MRT …thanks bro!!

    • moonwalkerwiz

      Wala yun, sam. Pareho lang tayong nawili sa kanta na ‘to. Classic na yang “Wonderful Mistake” sa mundo ng mga pasahero ng MRT. Sana hindi nila tanggalin, hehe.

      Oo nga pala. Sa mga nag-iisip kung Fairground din ba yung kumanta nung MRT song na may lyrics na “I hate to be in love,” hindi sila yun. Tinext ko yung vocalist nila at siya mismo ang nag-confirm na “Wonderful Mistake” lang ang kinanta nila. πŸ™‚

  13. sen

    Yung driver kaya?

    Or yung nakatambay dun sa parang booth….

    baka meron man lang sila kahit CD nun.

    • moonwalkerwiz

      Haha, nakakahiya namang gawin yun.Although sana may maglakas-loob na gumawa no’n tapos i-post nila yung link para ma-download yung MP3s.

  14. bon quiray

    wla dn ako mahanap thru the net ng song… but i got some lyrics, i just dont know kng tama xa… e2.. “cause i hate to be love, is there something you want me to do or to say, i’m getting worse each day, i’m getting weak and i’m so sick” yan.. lang ung naalala ko…

    • moonwalkerwiz

      Yeah, tama yang mga lyrics na yan kaso wala ngang source nung kumpletong lyrics. Ang alam ko nga hindi na pinapatugtog tong mga songs na to sa MRT eh, hehe. Iba na ngayon sounds nila. Ampapanget.

  15. faust

    Ayun, hinahanap ko rin ‘tong song na ‘to hehe.
    Thanks sa link! πŸ™‚

  16. Fettucine

    I just remembered about this “I hate to be in love” song and tried to look for it again on the net. I guess indi na pala talaga nailabas to kase wala ng updates. Sayang naman.

  17. Hi there. Can’t find the lyrics for the hate to be in love song as well. Anyway, what’s that annoying song they’re playing on the MRT with the line “Think…(insert inaudible sound)”. At first I thought it was “Think Vaseline”. -__- Sorry to hijack your comment box. πŸ˜›

    • moonwalkerwiz

      Hi. πŸ™‚ Hmm… Sorry but I don’t remember any MRT song with those lyrics. πŸ˜€ Anyway, the newest MRT songs and ads are crap. I’m so tired of that AWVA Tech sound engineering ad, hehe.

  18. jer

    hey! I know this is long overdue pero paggising ko kaninang umaga bigla kong naisip yung kanta. That’s weird kasi it’s been two years already since I heard this song. So anyway, gumagana pa ba yung download link? Hindi ko kasi madownload eh. Thanks!

    • moonwalkerwiz

      Hi jer! Unfortunately, the site that hosted the MP3 has now apparently merged with iLike. I don’t know if they still have the song but you need to sign up to know. Since I don’t want any new online accounts flooding my e-mail with their newsletters, I just can’t sign up for this one to make sure if it’s still there. You can try though, if you really want to hear the song again. Thanks for visiting my blog. πŸ™‚

  19. i so like this article.. i also found a site before, but i think it’s free… i had downloaded the mp3… but i lost it…

    this is so like amazing.. cause i suddenly remembered the song! i have a bf who’s like a wonderful mistake to me.. hahahaha!!!

    can you send the mp3 to me please?

    • moonwalkerwiz

      Thanks, Leyzabelle. Unfortunately, I also don’t have a copy of the song. As you can see, the link on this article now redirects to a different page. I’m really sorry! I also like this song and I hope someone gives me an MP3 of it one day.

  20. Amy

    Hi! do you know the song with the lyrics, “I try to be all of the things….” or something like that. I’ve been looking for it but I can’t find it. 😦 Thanks!

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