Exhibit A

I am not deceitful. I am not perfect but I am not a hypocrite. I may sound better and clearer on paper, but this doesn’t mean I’m hiding something toxic when my fingers are not holding a pen or typing on a keyboard.

I don’t even know how to go about proving this. Can this even be proved? Sure, I forget many things that I’ve said before, but that’s mainly due to my poor memory than a deliberate strategy to fool people.

How can I prove this?

I don’t have any evidence to show the jurors. I mean, how can I persuade someone to believe that I am telling the truth both in person and in writing? It’s really puzzling.

This blog entry is truthful. All the gods can search inside me now and I know for a fact that they’ll say the same thing.

Perhaps the confusion has to do with the duality of my persona? I’m more silent in person but sound argumentative in writing. Maybe I will also be more argumentative in person if I had this much space to talk without a gun pointed in my head.

The biggest problem is I don’t really have big problems with the world right now. I can stay silent for days and my heart will still be at peace. Of course there are little things that bother me from time to time, but really, they’re nothing.

All these words typed and I bet I haven’t convinced anyone at all. Rorschach would probably call me a smooth-talker. Are all smooth-talkers liars?

Hell, no.

3 thoughts on “Exhibit A

  1. Having to convince someone who has big problems with the world right now, that you don’t have big problems with the world right now, is the big problem.

    The biggest problem is how to make self-righteousness stop wreaking havoc when it can actually not wreak havoc in this world right now.

  2. Joke. Easy ka lang. 🙂

  3. Ang stress pala parang fungi. Kahit walang ugat at dahon para sa photosynthesis tumutubo pa rin kahit saan basta merong patay. Haha, wow, poetic!

    Sana mag-relax na tayo. Namimiss kita. 😐

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