Electric Fan

electric fan

Lol fan, electric fan, fanning flames, ambitious plans. Open your eyes, eat the fries, cry like nothing else is worthwhile. Oily nose, addictive prose, withered rose and wicked pose. Fill the page as you age, let time get away with the crime it made. Hop from word to word to word to fill the void and save the earth. This is nothing but you are something. I cringe, I scream, you bite, I dream.

Look back, drink frap, and find who’s quack. Blog, sag, snog, fog in the mountain city, shag. Tell your mother I’m no richer, holes in socks but I’ve got liver. The sheer sneer at beer, oh dear, watch her break then, oh, the jeers! Cutterpillow, zero hero, that’s a halo, mix a Milo. Listen to story of life unfold, break the ice, then break the mold. Old, sad, bold, bad. It’s a fad. Come, get mad!

Tiny issues. Filthy shoes. Monstrous monsters. Holy ghouls. Booze, booze, booze, booze. Booze, booze, booze, booze. Snooze. What, you’re rantin’? Hey, we’re fightin’. God, it’s amazin’. Watch, it’s breakin’. Is this a rap? Nah, just a wrap. Hear me sniff, now here me cough. Why do you follow my endless eyebrows soaked in sorrow while waiting for tomorrow that go beyond harrowed arrows? Meh, nevermind, nvm, LBM. Ahem, what’s that? Let’s start again.

Big mouth. Octopus rules. Strict diet. Cellphone fools. Stool, stool, stool, stool. Tools, tools, we’re merely tools. Tired? Fired? Wired? Yes, my Sire? Ire in the mire. This — this is dire. Gave ’em all. Drilled the hole. I can hear ya but you say “see ya.” Head spinning, gotta be dancing, stare at the ceiling ’cause there’s no meaning. Not a paragraph. Not a sentence. Not an argument. Just me feeling.

So lol fan, electric fan, growing fame, rabid fans. Close my eyes, ride the ride, fetch you again with a smile. Bacon briefs, done with beliefs, mystical clouds, the falling leaves. Love the girl, extract the gel, catch the whip and be kinda hip. Hop from word to word to word to fill the void and save the earth. I am nothing but this crap’s something. I cringe, I scream, you kiss, I dream.


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