Commercial Break

We curse as the scene’s cut off,
The actors hands in the air,
Mouths gaping open.
Music, silence, a split second transition
To something alien.

We’re not ready for it,
Our hearts dangling from our throats,
About to fall due to gravity.
But there’s no time left
Before the stupid jingles fill every corner
Of the room. Patience bursts
At the intruder that mutilated the story.

We endure it,
The complete nonsense of this collage of images.
We’re neither here nor there.
Your eyes seek something else
While my fingers scramble for the remote control.
Anytime now you’re leaving.

We wait for the resumption, an assumption.
It’s always been like that ever since
On every channel of the TV screen.
So we hold our breaths, tighten our grips painfully
‘Til something familiar visits our vision, an assumption.

We mourn it silently,
Tire of it immediately,
Curse the linearity and the impending chaos.
But for one more time, the show shows itself,
And fidgeting for the next developments,
We dive headlong
Into the engulfing drama,
The simple comedy of it
Once more.

Shivering now, we turn our heads slowly
To face each other,
Denying our deadlines.


Filed under Love, Poems

2 responses to “Commercial Break

  1. magnifika

    Haynako kung hindi kita boyfriend there is no way I am gonna understand this. Hahaha.

  2. moonwalkerwiz

    Haha, that’s the point. It’s a private and a public poem at the same time. 😀

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