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Sana May Kabuluhan


Tingin ka naman sa’kin. Kahit isang irap lang. Alam mo namang sa gitna ng usok ng mga tambutso, busina’t radyo, mga mata mo lang na tutok na tutok ang magpapakalma ng aking sistema. Siguro dapat kang gawan ng billboard na idi-display sa EDSA para maging mapayapa ang Maynila. Dahil kung ako yung drayber ng kakarag-karag na dyip na ito, malamok, susunod ako sa lahat ng batas-trapiko at hihinto ako sa lahat ng stoplight kahit wala pa sa pula ang ilaw para lang magtagal sa harap ng iyong ngiti.

Ngunit pasahero lang ako sa ngayon, hindi makababa sa pumapaspas at walang direksyong sasakyan ng dibdib mo. Maaari mo akong ibaba kahit saang kanto dahil hindi naman ako nagbayad, nag 1-2-3 lang, nagkunwaring natutulog para hindi singilin. Kaya nga pwede mo marahil akong pababain sa susunod na kanto kung saan bumaba rin sa mga naunang biyahe ang mga naunang pumara sa iyo. Karamihan sa kanila nauntog pa sa bubong ng dyip, bukol. Tagal na nilang nilalagyan ng gamot pero hindi gumagaling.

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Transformers 2: To Hell With Intellectual Content. We. Want. Explosions!

Surely, all those missiles, robot parts, and babes deserve at least 3 out of 5 stars?

Had I not read reviews of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen before I watched the film, I would have been shocked to see that it’s now only hitting 22% on the Tomato Meter. Most critics have panned the film, saying that it’s too loud, too long, and underplotted.

Well, here’s the gist of my take on Transformers 2. (1) Transformers 1 was clearly better, but (2) If you want a thrilling break from your bleak and dry life, this movie is definitely worth watching. That is why I’m giving it 3 out of 5 stars.

The Plot You May Have a Hard Time Understanding While Watching the Film

Of course this movie has a plot. Critics are being exaggerated when they tell you it has no plot at all. One critic also said that its plot was unintelligible. Now, that is closer to the truth. Continue reading


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Blue Waffle Welcomes Me Back


I’m on the 27th floor, writing newsletters for the company and blogs for myself.

It’s been almost a month now since I returned to the Blue Waffle Building. My comeback was mostly a silent operation since I didn’t want people to ask too many questions what happened to me. I appreciate some of the curiosity though and I’m glad that a few people actually care.

Three months ago, I wrote a very emotional blog on my farewell to the Blue Waffle Company and my friends here. Back then, I really thought everything was over for me in this company. No more clunky elevator rides, no more coffee and cigarette breaks beside the moldy pool, no more 5th and 27th floors. Still, I didn’t burn the last bridge I had with it. I couldn’t because I left my heart there. Continue reading


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No Spinsters Allowed


What is up with spinsters or old maids? I recognize the term is degrading but I really don’t care because several spinsters have already degraded me and gotten on my nerves.

I won’t beat around the bush here or pull my punches. I am barbaric when it comes to spinsters. I am ruthless, heartless, merciless, and cutthroat.

What the f*ck is wrong with these people? How irritated are they with the world that they have to spread their irritation with as many people as they can? Their beef with themselves is more communicable than swine flu.

A really, really bad case of a spinster dwells in our compound. If I can only kick her out of there, I’d do it anytime without any guilt. I don’t care if she’s old and she’s having a hard time walking. F*ck, that doesn’t give her the right to treat people like they’re filthy rags.

This particular odious old maid only treats rich people as human beings. She somehow has a lesser estimate of the humanity of poor folks like us. Well, screw her dried, old… whatever!

Early Morning Hatefest

She seems to care about my young nephew but that won’t make up for the hell she’s put people through all her torturous stay at our compound. She’s always blasting us away like we’re stealing her mucky telephone. Or she’s gonna stand outside the bathroom and start ranting away like you’re taking forever to take a bath. Continue reading


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Piraso Pagkatapos ng Pitong Pagsisimula

Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon, aaminin ko, blangko ang kokote ko.

Pero kanina, lumabas tayo, nagyosi ka, tapos napatitig ako sa’yo.

Ngayon, isa na lang ang laman ng kokote ko.

Yung higante mong ngiti at yung nakakapanghina mong mukha

Na hindi ko makakalimutan hanggang mamaya pag nasa Laguna na tayo,

Hanggang bukas ‘pag nagbanta ulit ang kokote ko na maging blangko.


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Hala Angsakit

Ma sa ya a ko ay ma sa ya ka hit hin di ha la ta da hil a ko ay na ka si ma ngot na na man sa u pu anTULDOK pe ro si nu nga ling daw a ko ka ya wa lang ha la gaTULDOKBAGONGPANGUNGUSAPMabilisakomagtayphanggangsanawwalanyungmgaspacs. Gusto kong maging lider ng hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ano kaya. BLANGKO BLANKGO BLANGKO BLANGKO BLANGKONG ESPASYO. Espanya. Masarap don ang empanadang Ilocos. Brrrrooooomm! Bus. BrrrrroooooooooooommmmmmmmmmSTOPOVER
ooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmSTOPOVER ULIT—-paulitUlitulitulitulit. Nagpatuli daw sana ako ng maaga. Ba ka ma aga sa na a kong na tu to ng pag i BIIIIIIIIIIIIG atbakatumngkd. Maaaring nahuli ko Sana! Sya! Tangi! Ko! Lang! Namang! Sinta! !.!.!.!.!. >>>>>>>>>Labas na>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>hanapin ang>>>*&^%^$#^PINTO)(&(*&%^$&#. lika. dito tayo. akap. BAKA gusto mo lang na man. di ba? TikatakatikatakatikatakailangangmagbuhatnitongARAW-ARAW-ARAW-ARAWat magpamulsa. Angsaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap? Ba? Paraiso.Ya.TA.E.Angdikitttnakadiktsspatosk. yaaaAAAAAAAAAKKKKK* BOOM BOOM BOOM KABOOM —————tuuuut———dugDug———-DUGdug——–dug———-dg——d——–patay.


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Throw Away After Reading

Something is definitely wrong with this world. I mean, how could it be so hard to just be with you? That should have been simpler than one and one is two, but god, look at me, I’m withering. There should have been just two things here: you and me, and all that’s magical and beautifully sad should have come forth from there. But just look at all this. It doesn’t look like it’s worth a goddamn grimy penny.

Every day, I feel like a protagonist slipping gradually, helplessly to a secondary role, perhaps an anti-hero who may be edited out of the story without any significant change to its flow. More and more, I feel the light dimming around me. And like a graceful moth, you’re starting to fly away to more welcoming luminescence.

Perhaps words like these are to blame. They talk too much and reveal too much about the darkness inside, choking all mysteries. They go on and on and on without saying anything. They rain “I love yous” ’til they spur disastrous floods between us. I can almost say I’m drowning you with them.

Yet despite this — this crazy jungle of ridiculous and murderous obstacles, I know that all I want is to hold your hand tightly. I want us to look up to the starry night sky once again with the wonder of youth and the innocence of two people who barely know each other.

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