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Isang Bukas na Liham Para sa Babae sa Himpapawid

Kay Sharaming:

Takot ako na sinasabing swerte ako dahil pag sinasabi ko yun, minamalas ako: nakakatapak ako ng tae o kaya biglang naghihingalo ang wallet ko. Totoo, lagi yung nangyayari kaya hanggang ngayon, ayoko man lang isipin na swerte ako.

Pero kahit anong gawin ko, hindi mapagkakaila na swerte talaga ako sa’yo. Daig ko pa ang nanalo sa lotto, naging champion sa sabong, nabigyan ng uno sa algebra, nakapulot ng isandaang libo, o na-cast sa bagong Harry Potter film. Sa pagdating mo, hinandugan ako ng tadhana ng isang ginintuang tsansa para tunay na maging masaya.

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Death Comes to Us on a Friday

Friday is the most unusual of all the days of the week. It is the penultimate day before the weekend. Everything ends on a Friday: the rush, the frustrations, the expectations, the wickedness of work. They end, at least temporarily, on a Friday.

Friday is neither part of the work week nor the weekend. It is somewhere in between. This is probably the reason why we feel so lethargic when Friday comes. It’s like we’re working while tasting the sweetness of the weekend at the tip of our tongue. The day is a transition from here to there, from files to TV marathons, from coffee to beer, from the office to the park, from our stiff work clothes to our loose outdoor clothes, from pain to pleasure, from colleagues to family. We’re working while we’re heading home on a Friday. We’re being slaves to our bosses while we’re setting ourselves free on this very unique day. In a way, everything ends and starts on a Friday. Continue reading


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Acne Absence

I used to have so many pimples, I’d have 2 or 3 new pimples after 9 hours of work. Those pimples would stay on my face for 2 or 3 days. The nastiest of them would reside for months, usually the ones that got infected and secreted blood and pus. Merciful ones stayed for a few hours and then burst, although oftentimes with a little help from me and my hanky. It was like that for about 6 years.

When she came, my pimples started to retreat to my pores until one day, they were gone.

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Life is Grey Without Her

Life is grey without her. Walking is exhausting without her. I stepped out of our house this morning, tried to welcome the day half-smiling but I knew even then that those hours were disposable. Their only value lies in the fact that they might be bringing me closer to her. And so with time decaying with such little significance, my only comfort is to think that life has gone with her, wherever she is. Right now, at this very moment, she is sprinkling life on every stranger, every road sign, every pebble, every ray of sunshine fortunate enough to witness her smile.

My polo shirt feels different without her, as well as my Chucks, my jeans, and my worn-out socks. Maybe they want to slip out of my body to run away after her. They can’t be blamed for that. After all, my clothes know very well that they don’t have much importance to the universe until she takes them off.

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Let Us Go to Sleep

You make me sleepy. Let’s go to sleep. Let us drag our bodies
Across the floor, lift our legs up and climb the bed
Like two poisonous critters of the night; but we
Won’t be poisoning and sedating anybody but ourselves.
The covers will be pulled over our pupil-less eyes and tomorrow,
We’ll wake up with drool all over our mouths.

As my stomach vigorously works on two plates of rice,
Lilliputians tie ropes around my neck to try and make my head
Crash against the desk.
They will tie me up, those little bastards,
Their rigid ropes and effective instruments may maroon me in their
Unreal country forever.

So I’ll be trapped, my eyelids merging like one thin, pale veil of
Innocence, my eyeballs
Down I go, following Alice’s
Rabbit and I’d want
To fall through that tunnel
Between here and there forever. No “thud”
Will be heard forevermore as I let myself
Go and miss the ground eternally.

Apologies won’t have to be handed out to people who desire to grasp
The inconceivable in me.
No goal or ambition, attitude or opinion
Would be able to penetrate the walls of my snores. And the whores
And the wars and the worlds will be
On the other side, the darker side of this enigma we call
But me, I’d be cooking, dancing and cooking,
Cooking ’til the morning where the sunny side has the sunny side up of
Basically, nothing.

Then you don’t have to
Realize and analyze
My twitches since you should feel it, too.
Our fingers ache for sheets and we’re excited
To get devoured by the cushion.
Your boss,
We’ll leave him behind because he’s too boring for a pillow fight and
Too formal for a cozy night.
He won’t let us rave and rant while our consciousness
Drifts away into Neverland. His company
Won’t forgive us for shutting down everything in the universe but his

Don’t shake me, honey. Let the dark bring out the roaches
And the spiders that will never dare to scuttle out
Of our slippers, cups, and socks
‘Til this awfully cruel light has locked itself inside
Pandora’s box.


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Time to Reflect on Time

I’m quite sure you said something like, “WTF? It’s Friday already?” last Friday. I sure did, but earlier. I said something like, “WTF? It’s Thursday already?” last Thursday.

In fact, I already said something like that as early as Monday. I said, “WTF? I’m heading home and Monday’s already over?”

It’s July, folks. Better say, “WTF? Half the year is already over?” before it’s too late. You’ve gotta be sensitive about these things. You’ve gotta say “WTF?” regularly just to acknowledge how insanely fast time passes by these days.

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