Time to Reflect on Time

I’m quite sure you said something like, “WTF? It’s Friday already?” last Friday. I sure did, but earlier. I said something like, “WTF? It’s Thursday already?” last Thursday.

In fact, I already said something like that as early as Monday. I said, “WTF? I’m heading home and Monday’s already over?”

It’s July, folks. Better say, “WTF? Half the year is already over?” before it’s too late. You’ve gotta be sensitive about these things. You’ve gotta say “WTF?” regularly just to acknowledge how insanely fast time passes by these days.

I did a brief research on Google and I cannot find reliable sources on the first two pages on why time flies by. People are just trolling each other on forums because they don’t know anything themselves. Biblical maniacs are saying we’re heading toward the End of Days. Some scientific (or sci-fi) folks say it has something to do with unfolding physical phenomena. Maybe the Mayas were right and all calendars will indeed end on 2012. Or maybe I’m just hyped up by that disaster film.

Well, the truth is it’s not that hard to analyze why time seems to have a nitro boost. We all know it’s because we’re becoming too busy with our careers and with the other stuff that we do. We’re just too preoccupied. After I’m done with this short blog entry, I’ll move on to another time-consuming activity that will erase a chunk of my life. And after that activity, I’ll do another thing and before it hits me, this short insignificant Saturday will be over, history.

Weekends are no longer weekends. We probably don’t enjoy them as much as we did back when we were little boys and girls. Back then, they’re a venue for seemingly endless playtime with friends. I remember wondering why the sky seemed to take too long to darken. Night didn’t show itself up until my legs were aching from running and I was filthy with sweat.

Today, after I’m done with a little extra work, I walk outside and I find that the night had already defeated the day. There’s no point in planning to do something big, just tiny activities to help Saturday cross into Sunday.

It’s not that we’re doing things that are of no value. In fact, when we’re adults, we do more things that are more valuable financially, at the least. But as if we’re cursed by an unseen demon of time and space, we’re condemned to look in awe as our racing life gets to the finish line one quick day after another.

So what do we do? We cannot turn back time. We cannot do more “quality time.” I think the mere fact that we now have “quality time” is the best proof that time now is so short that it doesn’t seem to have any quality. Or if there’s quality in time, it’s moving too fast that we’re not able to appreciate it.

So really, there’s nothing we can do about it. I guess we just have to smile at this deal adulthood brings us. We’re offered more knowledge and more choices for pleasure but in exchange, we’ve gotta let something sinister and cunning take away our precious time.

4 thoughts on “Time to Reflect on Time

  1. Hindi ba pwede i-like ang post na ito? a la Facebook?

    hahaha. “like”

    1. moonwalkerwiz July 8, 2009 — 3:30 am

      Hindi eh, haha. Thanks anyway. 😀

  2. Hello,

    Great post. Thanks.
    I have the same problem and it just doesn’t seem fair, or right, or something. You have to watch your life so closely or time will just get out of hand and before you know it you’re five years older and practically nothing has improved in your life and you haven’t done what you wanted to.
    It’s one of the saddest things in a persons life because our time is finite. That really, really struck home with me when my grandparents passed.
    All that anyone can do is ‘ Carpe Diem ‘ – it is pretty much my motto now; and well, stop and smell the roses but, I already did that. 🙂
    If you find a remedy, please, let me know. 🙂 lol

    1. Yeah, it really gets frustrating when time passes by and you don’t seem to have any progress in your life. But in a way, I think it’s also a sign of our incurable adulthood that we actually always “want to do something.” It’s like we’re always planning and scheming, setting goals and stuff. We didn’t do that when we were children, and that’s why time then was so long because it doesn’t get analyzed. Now, we’re always analyzing time as we think about the duration of our goals and plans.

      Unfortunately, like everyone else, I don’t have a remedy for this, lol. But I think spending more time with the people we really love helps give meaning to our racing existence. 🙂

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