Let Us Go to Sleep

You make me sleepy. Let’s go to sleep. Let us drag our bodies
Across the floor, lift our legs up and climb the bed
Like two poisonous critters of the night; but we
Won’t be poisoning and sedating anybody but ourselves.
The covers will be pulled over our pupil-less eyes and tomorrow,
We’ll wake up with drool all over our mouths.

As my stomach vigorously works on two plates of rice,
Lilliputians tie ropes around my neck to try and make my head
Crash against the desk.
They will tie me up, those little bastards,
Their rigid ropes and effective instruments may maroon me in their
Unreal country forever.

So I’ll be trapped, my eyelids merging like one thin, pale veil of
Innocence, my eyeballs
Down I go, following Alice’s
Rabbit and I’d want
To fall through that tunnel
Between here and there forever. No “thud”
Will be heard forevermore as I let myself
Go and miss the ground eternally.

Apologies won’t have to be handed out to people who desire to grasp
The inconceivable in me.
No goal or ambition, attitude or opinion
Would be able to penetrate the walls of my snores. And the whores
And the wars and the worlds will be
On the other side, the darker side of this enigma we call
But me, I’d be cooking, dancing and cooking,
Cooking ’til the morning where the sunny side has the sunny side up of
Basically, nothing.

Then you don’t have to
Realize and analyze
My twitches since you should feel it, too.
Our fingers ache for sheets and we’re excited
To get devoured by the cushion.
Your boss,
We’ll leave him behind because he’s too boring for a pillow fight and
Too formal for a cozy night.
He won’t let us rave and rant while our consciousness
Drifts away into Neverland. His company
Won’t forgive us for shutting down everything in the universe but his

Don’t shake me, honey. Let the dark bring out the roaches
And the spiders that will never dare to scuttle out
Of our slippers, cups, and socks
‘Til this awfully cruel light has locked itself inside
Pandora’s box.


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7 responses to “Let Us Go to Sleep

  1. magnifika

    Halata yung mga obsessed kay Michael Jackson.

  2. magnifika

    Gulliver’s Travel, Alice in Wonderland. Hahahaha.

  3. magnifika

    Neverland, yeah. Spider (spider scars kasama sa vitiligo photos). SLEEP!!!

    Ay teka ako yata ang obsessed kay MJ dahil ako ang pinilit gumagawa ng connection. Hahahaha. 🙂

  4. magnifika

    Alam kong hindi siya tungkol kay MJ! Hahaha. Pero para kasing nasa isip mo siya habang sinusulat mo to. Parang sanib. Haha chos

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