Acne Absence

I used to have so many pimples, I’d have 2 or 3 new pimples after 9 hours of work. Those pimples would stay on my face for 2 or 3 days. The nastiest of them would reside for months, usually the ones that got infected and secreted blood and pus. Merciful ones stayed for a few hours and then burst, although oftentimes with a little help from me and my hanky. It was like that for about 6 years.

When she came, my pimples started to retreat to my pores until one day, they were gone.

Now, I would have a pimple-free face for days. I consider it nothing short of a miracle. That one day I could look in the mirror and see my face without a Third World War being fought on its surface used to be unimaginable to me. Waking up every morning and discovering that no fresh nasty wound has opened up on the tip of my nose or on both my cheeks is really, really amazing.

This morning, I counted two tiny yellowish pimples on my face. My face is also kinda itchy. I have a feeling the scoundrels are conspiring to revolt against the softness of my skin and they’d have their revenge anytime now. All this since she left.

I truly believe that stress causes pimples. She must have something to do with the absence of my pimples, and therefore of stress.

It’s either her or the kojic soap we’re using.

2 thoughts on “Acne Absence

  1. Kadiri talaga to! Hahahaha. Ewwww! EEEEEWWWW!

    1. Nana sugat tigyawat oil whiteheads blackheads Nana sugat tigyawat oil whiteheads blackheads Nana sugat tigyawat oil whiteheads blackheads

      Joke. :))


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