“Palisay at Sumbling” Coming to Manila Comic Con

On Saturday, August 8, 2009, I’ll be at the Manila Comic Con at SM Megamall to promote our comics, “Palisay at Sumbling” which I pencilled. It will be the first time I would attend a comic con, so I’m quite nervous. I don’t really know how I’d react if I’m asked questions about how I draw or what’s my style. However, we at Pulang Punla Studios are really proud of our work although it’s still not done. Here are some samples of our comic. We’ll be showing some teaser pages and other cool stuff.

“Palisay at Sumbling”
Pulang Punla Studios
Writers: Joseph Kahlil Baet
Chris Alvin Yap
Penciller: Marvin Sanchez
Ink and Colors: Carlo Andrew Ferrer

ink page 14

Sample InkandColoredpage 30 draft
Our website is currently undergoing construction. Check out pulangpunlastudios.com soon for more info.

Also, check out Kaloy’s (ink and colors) awesomeness at http://kaloykoy.blogspot.com/

2 thoughts on ““Palisay at Sumbling” Coming to Manila Comic Con

  1. Coolness. Good luck to you guys! I’ll try to see if I can come =)

    1. Thanks! 😀 Punta na at dalawin ang booth namin. 😀

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