Beyond the White Wall

It starts slowly and we know we’re gonna be
I drink
The thousand wells of your mouth;
You’ll be slithering in me — slippery, sucking, suddenly biting,
Marking me with bright red blood,
Sending me into convulsions. Teeth gnashing, I try painfully
Not to tear the soft flesh
your damp lips.
Oh, I’ll swallow you for keeps
Stick every strand of my hair into your pores
And make you itch, rubbing your back against
The bed waxy with last weekend’s sweat.

Bones creaking, I curse that pin,
And every obstruction holding off
My cruel intentions.
Finally, my corrupt slender fingers hold you.
It’s the tightest grip you’ve felt in your life.

If it were possible, I’d rip you apart,
Gorge on you like a mad dog
‘Til I’ve devoured everything and you’re no more.
I put some teeth into it,
Bite your temples a little, abuse you a little,
‘Til your raw and licking your own lips.

I put everything on top of you,
Every frustration stoking
My beastly temptations.
I lay everything on you,
Can you feel it? The whole massive weight of my world

On your small, throbbing body?

I’ll make you feel it. Squeeze you with it.
I’ll make sure you feel it ’til all we know
Is this suffering
From too many
pins and rags.

This skin,
it’s softer,
Than anything that has ever reached
The tip of my tongue.
It possesses it, infuses it with the loneliest lonesomeness,
Induces it to desperation.

So I take off today’s polka dots,
And after kissing it, running the tip of my nose along,
Brushing the bristles with my own,
My tongue takes a dive
the softest,
Piece of you. It frolics there,

Like a child in a newfound playground,
Like cool raindrops hitting puddles,
Like you and me on eternal Sunday mornings.
My tongue
In you.

Mr. and Mrs. David and their daughter,
I imagine them putting their ears to the wall.
They look like two people who’d pay
To hear you moan and whimper.
To hear me sipping endless rivers.
Mr. and Mrs. David and their daughter,
To hell with them forever.
They look like two people who’d pay

To see savages in you and me.

But it starts slowly
‘Cause I don’t wanna push it
Too hard.
You know I won’t push it
Too hard.
I gotta feel everything,
From the tiniest, nastiest opening,

Moving it, forever moving it,
Letting you feel everything I’ve ever hidden from you since you came

Bursting into my deranged life.

I retreat a little,
Then I put the weight behind it
To try to reach your deepest, darkest depths.
A split second frame of your

Contorted face,
Crumpled sheets,
My barbaric face reflected on your wet eyes.

And I go on, going, groaning, goading you to get hurt
I wanna hurt you so bad.
Wanna hammer you so hard you’d never walk again

To torture me.

You spread it but it’s never enough,
Open it but I still feel constrained.

I keep failing while conquering every inch
Of your body molded in the fires of the underworld.

So I break you,
pound you,
battling every trickle
Of desire that wants to burst out of me.

I gotta feel everything,

From the slickest and smoothest
To the roughest and tightest movements.

Not taking notice of our juices now,
Forgetting about papers and friends now,
And what we did before we turned each other

Into mere beautiful

d i r t y

I embrace you

as the room
Crumbles beneath
The two ferocious savages

Of the night.

2 thoughts on “Beyond the White Wall

  1. Panis ka Angelo Suarez! :))

    1. Tangina habang sinusulat ko ‘to feeling ko katabi ko yung Angelo Suarez na yun, sumisigaw nang “MALI YAN!” pag may sinusulat akong linya. Hahahaha. :))

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