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When Care Becomes the Fad

Genuine care for others — I think that’s one of the things people must really have to be more prepared for another disaster like Typhoon Ondoy.

The headline on a local newspaper yesterday said that donations for typhoon victims are overwhelming. That’s great. That’s awesome. That is perfectly how it should be. Many of us feel proud for showing our fellow Filipinos that the spirit of “bayanihan” can still be revived in this modern age. I take my hat off to that.

But it’s easy to get over melodramatic over our present achievements just by watching the endless TV marathons about the typhoon donations and heroic acts many of our fellow Filipinos have done to try to fix the disastrous situation. We are riding a surge of patriotism so powerful that every corner conversation, every TV station, every Facebook update and every tweet is all about volunteering and sending out donations to victims. But we must ask, “Where did all that care come from?” Continue reading

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I Love the Everyday Stuff

When you’re young and you’re fiery and you have tanks full of excess energy, you can’t help but be idealistic. Especially if you come from a prestigious university, you are automatically led to think that you have a great background and you have a great mission before you. Everything you see is great and therefore everything you do is perceived by your eyes as having tremendous effects in the society you live in (if you’re philosophical, even the universe). You’re big. You think gargantuan ideas. You live mammoth dreams.

But time has taught me the importance of seeing the value in the tiny, everyday stuff that occur to us. Continue reading

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A Song In My Head I Wish Interpol Would Play

Bed Bug
by Interpol*

It gets me

It gets me

Now I think about a lot and I do a lot of acts
But I really can’t know what goes on in this
Cause it



Yes, it gets me

You’re over there, I’m underneath, it’s incomplete
I’m completely

So what is worse? Go get a nurse
And rub some salt against these wounds

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I feel it. Anytime we’ll kill it.

We’re waking up the other day, we couldn’t guess
What’s waiting for us
When the rain doesn’t show up.

‘Cause when we plan we write things down
On biodegradable sheets of paper
We just found on sticky tables.

Yes, we write things down, and we talk things over
There’s a plan to carry this over and under
The sheets. Our mouths going

Blah, blah, blah. Ba-blah-ba-blah

Then I turn away, and I pull my hair
And I think of a girl who will knock me out
For tomorrow.

There’s a need to catch up
Let us all play catch-up
There’s a need to botch up
This fake blood of ketchup

Three minutes ’til five, a thousand steps to home
Why can’t I leave this chair and slip out of my bones
Oh baby

It gets me


It gets me


* This is not a real song by Interpol. I just made it up because I like Interpol and I think they’ll sing the song in my head perfectly. LOL.

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Lumulukso, lumulubog, lumalaktaw
Masundan lang
Hinuhulaan, inaabangan, kinakabahan
Kumalma lang
Tinatanya, pinipiga ang simpatya
Lumingon lamang
Hinaharap, hinahabol, hinang-hina
Umaga lamang,
Niyakap pa, ilang oras, bastusan na
Ulong kinalawang
Nawiwindang, nagba-blangko, nagniningas
Hindi mabilang
Mga nasasayang, kabi-kabilaang mga kapraningan
Sinasagad, binababad, binibilad
Sa init ng pulang
Bumabakat, walang puknat, kumakalat
Nangangati nang
Gumapang, mabuwang, tumiwalag
Isipang tigang
Sumusuka, sumusuko, sumisiwalat
Mga damdaming
Nauudyok, nabubulok sa sinasapit
Ayoko nang
Lumulundag, nagbabasag, humihiyaw
‘Di mapigilang
Magnilay-nilay, magbantay-bantay, baka mauhaw
May oras pa, kailangan pang ulit-ulitn.
Lumulukso, lumulubog, lumalaktaw


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A Sound Infrastructure of Friendship

Without friends, we won’t have any identity. But more importantly, without friends, we cannot be someone good, let alone great.

I wouldn’t call myself a good friend. Burning bridges has been so easy to me that you could probably call me a social arsonist. Lately however, I’ve learned to rediscover the value of bonding with other people thanks to my girlfriend who’s a bona fide friend-magnet. The last couple of weekends have made me feel like I’m actually breathing air, and walking the hard concrete, and sweating the cruel heat. This is all because I’ve met, talked, and had fun with more people than I could ever imagine in my life. With new eyes staring at me and new mouths addressing me, I feel more alive than ever before. Continue reading

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Could Be Dialectics in Action


I sorely miss my blog.

Due to an unfortunate circumstance caused by the misfortune and bitterness of other people, I don’t have free access to my blog anymore from the office. I am currently using a proxy site to get to my tiny freedom space here.

So what’s been happening? Well, like all other changes to all other people, I’m a little bit more and a little bit less of everything. Continue reading


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