Could Be Dialectics in Action


I sorely miss my blog.

Due to an unfortunate circumstance caused by the misfortune and bitterness of other people, I don’t have free access to my blog anymore from the office. I am currently using a proxy site to get to my tiny freedom space here.

So what’s been happening? Well, like all other changes to all other people, I’m a little bit more and a little bit less of everything.

I’m a little bit more secure at work, which means I’m a little bit more tempted to procrastinate.

Still, with all that procrastination, I’m still really busy. I get home from work a little bit too late every day.

I’m a little better at withstanding alcohol but a little bit poor with spending. My girlfriend hates it that I spend too much and talk about money too much, so she’ll hate this sentence particularly.

We’re enduring a little less volume of fights and we’re enjoying a little more time hugging, kissing, and just killing time together. Yeah, we’re having a blast murdering time these days.

I’ve gained a little bit more perspective and appreciation of women’s shoes and clothes because of all our mall raids. She has a little bit less hesitation to drag me to various shops for all womanly stuff and I’m a little bit more confident checking out all the dresses there together with other women.

I watch a little more cinema and eat a little less healthy with all the everyday fastfood.

It feels amazing that I have been able to connect a little more frequently with friends and create new acquaintances with a little more beer bottles and a little less sleep during Friday and Saturday nights.

More Twitter, Less Facebook.

More beaches in my head, less bitches to deal with.

More photos taken, less preoccupation with myself.

More shallow but funny thoughts, less deep but useless ones.

More appreciation for what I have right now than what I don’t.

I have a little more excitement for the coming Pacquiao fight, a little more anticipation for Naruto chapters, and a little less interest with what the f*ck is going on with national politics.

Oh, wait, I never cared that much about national politics.

Dreams are lesser, but listening to her dreams is so much more frequent and way better.

A little more poems and play on words than actual substance. A little more simple-mindedness than intelligence. A little more touch of basic, tangible reality than weightless philosophy. But maybe that itself is actual substance, who knows?

I sorely miss my blog. I’ve ranted a little too much, but wrote something a little less nonsensical than I expected.

2 thoughts on “Could Be Dialectics in Action

  1. I love love love love this post. 🙂 I can’t help smiling at the thought that we, especially you, no longer overanalyze and philosophize everything. Ang saya maging mababaw at simple at hindi pa-deep. Ang sarap makipag-gaguhan lang. I’m having the time of my life. 🙂

    1. Thanks! 😀 Yup, gaguhan FTW. :))

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