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Generally and Generically


She says that it’s too general and I know that it’s too generic but when everything gets too messed up, all I can tell her is that I love her very, very much.

Chemae and I have been together for a year — more than a year. If anybody’s wondering how did that year go, all I can say is that it was stunningly beautiful.

You know when you’re watching a really good film, and all of a sudden it ends, and you’re almost stomping your feet because you want more but the credits are already rolling? That’s how good it was, except it’s not yet at an end.

It’s not ending, but what’s frustrating is that I failed yet again to appreciate something so amazing as an anniversary with the girl of my dreams. I don’t think anything can make up for it, just like my many mistakes in the past. This is probably the reason why I love the “Back to the Future” series so much because there are many things I would like to change in the past. Not like Chemae — she never regrets anything. She lives to conquer the present.

Again, I’m pondering Chemae who’s out there in another part of the country, snorkeling while having a fever. Just one of the thousand crazy things she does, like fall in love with someone like me. Continue reading


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Kung Anong Dapat Gawin sa Mundo

Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Tumutulo laway
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Tayo’y naduduling
Walang mapagsumbungan
Walang mapagtanungan
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Hindi kita matutulungan
Hindi mo rin naman kasi ako kaibigan
Cute ka sana kaso
Ni hindi pa kita nabati kahit kelan
Kaya di bale na
Uwi ka na.
Iyak sa sulok.
Ako rin, magpapakabundat na lang.
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo.
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo.
‘Di ka pinapahalagahan ng syota mo
Wala ka kasing boobs
Pasensya, wala ko dyang malay
Si nanay puro na lang gulay
Pasko na puro pa rin gulay
Si lolo lantang-gulay
Buhay mo, buhay ko
Ninakawan na ng kapitbahay ng kulay
Kasi ‘di nya rin alam
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo.
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo.
Magaling ako sa pag-awit
Ikaw naman bihasa sa pang-aakit
Gusto kita.
Eh ano ngayon?
Lahat tayo gustong pumuntang Caribbean
‘Di naman natin maispel ng tama
Kailangan pang i-Google.
Leche, ambobo natin.
Nakakulong sa mausok na bahagi ng equator
Presidente natin adik sa vibrator
Tayo naman sa hentai
Puro paputok tapos hindi pwede boga
Sa Bagong Taon.
Kung ako lang, gusto kitang dalawin
Pero lagi na lang umaambon
Kalahating taon na.
Di ba kung ganyan nakakatamad?
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Penge ng libre
Palimos ng kantot
Spare me the gusot
Taglish na nanunuot
Sa kaibuturan ng lipunang mahilig
Sa ingliserang mga mistisa at mistisong
Wala ‘kong lente
Walang doktrina
Tira lang ng tira
Sa hangin. Laging may kasalanan ang hangin.
At matatapos nanaman ang araw
Sa dami ng nagbago pwede ka nang ilibing
Asa ka pa, asa pa tayo
Ulitin na lang natin para saulo na natin ang mga linya
Masaya yun para tayong bata
Bagamat wala nang mabubuhay na bata mula ngayon
Imposible na dahil lahat ay magugulang na
Angganda kasi ng iPhone mo
Dami mong pera.
Dami nilang pera.
Dami nyong pera.
Lintek na wallet yan, ihulog mo naman.
Dami mong pera.
Maraming matalino
Daming creative, lahat photographer
Kulang ng sculptors
Kailangan ko ng bomba films
Hindi bomba sa Mindanao
Gaya ng lahat, mababaw lang kaligayahan ko
Yung gobernor, gusto lang nya maupo sa pwesto
Hangga’t maaari pati lahat ng mga apo nya
Hanggang matigok sya
Kasi angsarap mamatay ng makapangyarihan
Ganda ng iPhone mo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Tapusin ang isang buong araw ng pagtatrabaho
Magliwaliw sa Internet
Angsarap maging sikat
Sabik sa teknolohiya kasi sa labas ng opisina’y dugyot
Magsimba ka mag-isa mo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Mag-isa mo.
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Pakyu ka
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Sweldo ko pamasahe pa lang said na
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Leche gusto kita
Kung anong dapat gaw–
Gusto kita
Gusto kita
Gusto kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Pero wala kasi kibit-balikat ka.
Dedma, may ibang liga.
Para kang real property sa US
Binebenta sa’kin ‘di ko naman afford
Sige na
Lipad na.
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Suko na ko sa
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong dapat gawin sa mundo
Kung anong

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Pinball Reflections 1-25


At some point in his life, a person may stumble upon the erroneous conclusion about himself that he is awesome. He believes it for the rest of his life.
To put on a show for other people — one must be really bored with himself when he’s all alone.
An egg breaks when you drop it. A man bleeds when you stab him. A baby stops crying when you feed her. So where’s the need for superstition?
We just hate it when someone speaks for our thoughts more clearly than how we would have done it. Makes us feel all dumb and silent.
A man who searches for hidden things is a desperate man. Continue reading

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Bohol, Manila , and the Two Faces of Nature


September 26: The day started with the unmistakeable conclusion that we were unlucky. Chemae, my girlfriend, and I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, still groggy from drinks we had the night before with friends. An airplane headed for the beautiful province of Bohol was waiting for us at the airport, ready to fly at 8:30 AM. We had reserved that plane five months in advance. We thought we’d never make it, but we did. It turns out we were lucky after all.

Outside, the typhoon that would unload the heaviest rainfall on Metro Manila in four decades, and that would take away hundreds of lives away through raging floods, was approaching…

Bohol: Awe at Every Turn

The plane kept shaking because the weather was bad but we still made it to Tagbilaran Airport after about an hour and 20 minutes of flying. I was still dizzy when Val, our tour guide, fetched us at the airport and drove us through the capital. Val’s service included a complete tour of all the tourist spots in Bohol for just Php 2,000.

First, we went to Baclayon Church , the oldest Catholic church in the country built in the 15th century. Chemae and I went inside the old museum next to it and looked at some intricate antique pieces of church items, such as Bibles, idols, and candle holders. Then, we went to see the longest living python in captivity in the country located at Albuquerque . It was mind-blowing to see more than 23 feet of snake muscle twirled inside a cage. Continue reading


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Typing sleepy. Wanna ponder the world. Pondering is all one can do after a few paychecks. They just soften you. Make you gay. Now you don’t even care if you’re branded a homophobic. It’s just another difference in this stained glass global population of Asians, blacks, men, transsexuals, daughters under 18, daughters over 18, the handicapped, cool, nerd, goth, obese, soccer moms, sucker moms. I’m just one of them. A statistic with beliefs. I rome the Philippines restricted by a foreigner’s table indicating specific allocation of profits. I get his cents, my mother gets part of the cents, so I can eat part of the nutrition-drained meat she cooks. People don’t understand me. They don’t understand a single f*cking thing we’re saying and we’re proud of that. This sets us apart, baseless pride. Pride that has an actual measurable base is uncool, pathetic. Scums only have measurable bases of pride. And usually that means they have a lot of money. But I don’t have any, so I’m cool. I’m not a scum. Still, that doesn’t make me any less slimy. Now with all the negative adjectives you’ve rained on yourself, you wonder who’s the bastard who put this into your head. You can’t think of any because you can’t trace any effect into a single cause today. No God nor science now. Just this random incessant desire to make a difference that’s already there. Like I said, it’s a stained glass window of an existence. My body, my work and my dreams are a huge stained-glass window inside an empty church, glimmering red, blue and yellow on a hot, August night. So we write and take pictures of ourselves and scatter them all over the Internet to feel all right. We gotta make people read the next chapter in our lives. We’re protagonists and they are readers and vice versa. There’s a constant peeping going on and we’re all indecent exhibitionists to some extent. Imagine that, in the Philippines? This place was innocent a hundred years ago. Now, it’s just an extension of the latest Hollywood flick, only grimier because the MMDA is inept. We’re like Americans. Everyone is like Americans, more or less. The Chinese are like Americans except they have a bloody history of Communism and they’re more mysterious. Arabs are like Americans, only they’re learning how to be like them in a very painful way. The North Koreans are also like Americans, fate sees them getting there. And of course, Filipinos are like Americans, only their MMDA is inept. What the flying f*ck are those urinals for? Who’s the big dunce? The head of the MMDA? Yeah, maybe we should blame him. We can always blame the President but everyone’s hatin’ her already so that’ll just make us lame. Let’s just hate the MMDA head. Let’s see ourselves ranting, talking political, putting in our two cents worth a thousand bucks when we’re drunk. ‘Cause when there’s nothing less boring to talk about, politics is a sure bet. Gives us a sense of power. We’re all Filipino citizens, anyway. We wear t-shirts with yellow stars and a sun. We make a lot of money from it, especially the Chinese. Pirates love us.

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Of Poets and Basketball Players


“Should I tell her I love her in the poem?”

“Yes. You’ve already made the ridiculous decision of writing a poem for her, telling her about your feelings. So why stop short and not say that you love her?”

“Yeah, I realize that. But everyone says ‘I love you’ and this is not a high school kind of poem. Like I’ve told you, this poem is an adult poem, an adult love poem.”

“I somehow have this feeling that all love poems are childish. Ask her out. That’s what adults — men do.”

“But I don’t wanna be just like any other man. I want her to understand that I’m intelligent and creative and deep and I can write good love poems.”

“You can also achieve that by buying her a drink and then talking to her.”

“Yeah, but this is still much more special. If I get lucky and she allows me to date her and we get together, we’ll always have this poem written on a piece of crumpled yellowish paper. And whenever we feel like lying on the bed on idle weekends, cuddling, kissing, she’ll stand up, get it from the drawer and read it to me. It’s so cheesy that we’ll both laugh and remember how good were those first days.” Continue reading

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