Pinball Reflections 1-25


At some point in his life, a person may stumble upon the erroneous conclusion about himself that he is awesome. He believes it for the rest of his life.
To put on a show for other people — one must be really bored with himself when he’s all alone.
An egg breaks when you drop it. A man bleeds when you stab him. A baby stops crying when you feed her. So where’s the need for superstition?
We just hate it when someone speaks for our thoughts more clearly than how we would have done it. Makes us feel all dumb and silent.
A man who searches for hidden things is a desperate man.
For if you can take things simply as they are, then you’re prepared for anything. You’re a powerful man.
There’s always a need to make yourself grander when you feel like sh*t inside.
Yet why should we be annoyed by all the great, beautiful people who really feel like sh*t inside? The fact that we’re annoyed by them means we’re not really above their level.
In fact, not many of us are above that mediocre facebook fame level these days. We’re all in it. A group of self-worshippers.
In today’s world, you gotta find your own brand. If you can’t, better not exist at all.
Now we’re all individual stores in a global wet marketplace.
I’ll give you some meaning, if you hand me something fap worthy.
We’re show-offs. We show off our jobs. We show off our stuff. We show off our boyfriends and girlfriends. So people will buy us more.
It’s extremely rare to find someone who sincerely abhors everybody’s stupid gawking.
And if you find that rare someone who abhors society, he’s likely someone mad and creepy.
Each of us has his own little plan to conquer the world partly decipherable from our social networking site profile. We’re as f*cking insane as Darth Vader.
One good strategy to conquer the world is to preach your beliefs. One good strategy to be converted is to listen and read.
Now we know why the liberal world encourages us to form our own opinions. Old opinions just don’t make good money anymore.
Cynical is cool. Cynics are the new anorexic models who walk the ramp with their nipples visible through the deliberately see-through funny dresses.
Knowledge. It’s more about the image than the actual substance.
Why is this world not perfect? Simple. ‘Cause we really don’t wanna work yet we’re still working.
Get a life. Find some fault with your neighbors.
The one who has the loudest, most original complaint becomes famous.
To swap sex for God is absolutely delusional.
We’re all tired of getting tired of something. It’s called malignant boredom.

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