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Waiting for One Last Piece of Good News from 2009

With only a few hours ’til the doors of 2010 open in front of us, I’m here in our house in Quezon City, wishing to hear one last piece of good news as firecrackers pop in the distance.

2009’s track record isn’t bad — it’s criminal. A year, which gave us more of the global financial crisis scare, freakish typhoons and floods, staple government scandals, and other incredible international and local fiascos ought not to be trusted when it comes to good news. But when you can’t do anything, hope naturally oozes out of you, like perspiration from an exhausted man. And so now I’m drenched in hope; and even though I don’t pray to a deity, I helplessly entrust the future into the irrational and that which can’t be explained.

To be honest, I think we’re kind of foolish to think that the new year is some kind of a new destination where all of us will move into in batches. First the Asians, including us Filipinos, will move into that shining new destination, and then the Europeans go in, then the Americans, etc. It’s foolish because we made that system up. What is January 1, 2010 but another moment in the endless river of time where anything could’ve ended and anything could’ve started? Of course the Earth would be completing one hell of a revolution on that date (and I guess we could give it a pat on the back for that) but really, if it was indeed a circular revolution, then for all we know, the year could have started or ended on August 14, 2009. Which is my birthday. Continue reading

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I Miss You

This is my life before we got together. I don’t know it anymore. Thinking back to how I got here in the office from the moment I struggled to get off the sheets at home, I can’t imagine how I lived before I met her. I must have been a zombie or a piece of deadwood kicked around by strangers’ feet. I really don’t know. It’s almost as if I helplessly fall asleep and get lost in dreamland whenever she goes away. Continue reading


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Top 10 Christmas Songs of a Self-Confessed Christmas Addict

I’m a sucker for everything Christmasy. I like Christmas trees, Santa Claus’ puffy red face on every poster and TV program, colorful lanterns and Christmas lights in front of everyone’s house, “Home Alone” reruns, that peculiar December cold that reminds you of Simbang Gabi. I love ’em. I really, really love them all with my childish heart.

But the things that I like the most about Christmas are the songs that fill up the airwaves when this season comes. Radio is just so much more bearable. Slowly, the emo and jologs crap you’ve been hearing all year round are replaced with good old-fashioned Christmas songs and carols that make you feel like a child again. At least that’s how I feel. When I hear Christmas songs, I feel like a child lost in a toy store. To me, there is just something about these songs that brings the “wonder of life” back to you. I feel innocent, fresh, in awe of how good people are, or how joyous life can be if only for a season.

So just to make it easier for me to access my most favorite Christmas songs, here are my Top 10. They include both foreign and OPM Christmas songs. It took some sharp detective skills to hunt down all of their MP3s on the Internet, too. Enjoy! 🙂

10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Glenn Miller Orchestra)



You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen,
Comet and Cupid and Donder and Blitzen.,
But do you recall?
The most famous reindeer of all?
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Had a very shiny nose,
And if you ever saw it,
You would even say it glows.
All of the other reindeer
Used to laugh and call him names;
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in any reindeer games.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Santa came to say,
Rudolph with your nose so bright,
Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?

Then how the reindeer loved him
As they shouted out with glee,
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
You’ll go down in history Continue reading


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Cowboy na Kumakain ng Pizza sa Ortigas

Isa sa mga pangarap ko ang sumakay ng kabayo habang kumakain ng mainit, mabango, malaman, maalat at maasim-asim na pizza. Eh kasi naman, ‘di pa ko nakakasakay ng kabayo sa ta’ ng buhay ko, pero mahilig ako sa mga cowboy films kung sa’n laging nangangabayo at namamaril ang mga bida sa harap ng papalubog na araw, pwera lang Brokeback Mountain. Gayundin, mahilig ako sa pizza kasi angsarap-sarap nito at angmahal-mahal. Kadalasan nga, parang nagpapasarap sa kanya yung presyo nya. Gano’n naman yata lahat ng bagay.

Gusto ko talagang magsuot ng cowboy hat, sumampa sa kabayo, umakyat sa isang cliff, at dahan-dahang masdan ang kabuuan ng mundo sa aking mga paa at mga kuko ng aking kabayo. Bigla ko lang naisip, mas ok kung papangalanan ko ang kabayo ko na “Matias.” Kulay tsokolate sya at nag-aapoy ang mga mata lalo na pag may nakitang makikinis na kabayong babae. Si Matias at ako — naka-cowboy hat — sa tuktok ng isang cliff, pinapanood ang buong daigdig — ‘di ba’t kayganda?

Tapos sa loob ng sukbit kong bag, huhugutin ko ang isang kahon ng mainit, mabango, malaman, maalat at maasim-asim na pizza. Hindi ko masabi kung anong brand basta kasinglaki sya ng Sbarro, kasinglasa ng Yellow Cab at kasing-arte ng Pizza Hut, may stuffed crust at kung anu-ano pang pampabongga. Ginamit ko yung salitang “bongga” pero hindi ako Brokeback. Tawagin na nila akong homophobic pero isa akong tigasing cowboy na kumakain ng umuusok na pizza sa tuktok ng isang cliff.

Tapos sasakyan ko si Matias hanggang Ortigas. Magkakatrapik-trapik dahil hindi sanay ang mga tao na makakita ng isang cowboy na kumakain ng pizza sa gitna ng kalsada. Maluluma kahit anong sasakyan, kahit yung pinakabagong model pa ng Ford o BMW. Kasi sa totoo lang, pare-pareho naman ang itsura ng mga kotse. Lumalaki lang, lumiliit, numinipis, lumalapad, nadudumihan, kumikinang — pero kotse pa rin, apat ang gulong, ang usok masakit sa ilong, at sayang lang dahil hindi makausad sa buhul-buhol na trapik ng Maynila. Eh yung kabayo ko, kabayo yun. Kulay brown at nag-aapoy ang mga mata lalo na ‘pag nakakakita ng mga makikinis na kabayong babae. Pagtitinginan talaga kami ng mga tao kasi espesyal kami at wala kaming brand. Continue reading


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Moonwalkerwiz and the Great Cold Desert of Stomach Rumblings ’til Past 5

I’ve got 20 pesos. I’m dead. LOL. Wish I were Dr. Jones.

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We’re Policemen

We’re policemen.

We ride our patrol cars and hunt the streets for those slimy, stealthy, pesky crooks who break our laws — the laws we hold dear. They’re everywhere, these lawless bastards, searching for holes, laying out evil clever strategies so they can get what they want. They’re in every dark, dirty corner, forever waylaying their next victims, which are ultimately us. Continue reading

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