Lesson 1

The only thing you need to be happy is to be loved.
Not by an idea — or shelves of them
Or by a belief — or a set of them
Not by a lifestyle
And certainly not by a room full of thingamajigs
But by a person of flesh and blood — a piece of meat with a soul.
A person who can give you a tight, warm hug
And a long wet kiss, making you crumble to the ground, shaking
A person who shares your irrationalities
And a person who gets mad at your rationalities.

The only true smile comes from a loved face.
The only true joy comes from a loved heart.
Because this is the only real happiness that can be felt
A kind of happiness that doesn’t need to be proclaimed
Or exclaimed
Studied, memorized, pruned everyday like an expensive garden plant
And post as a shout-out to the whole world who might not even care.
‘Cause when you’re loved you don’t care if the world doesn’t care
Since you shower someone with a universe of care
Each day.

And so stop all the mindless, pretentious reading
And building and weaving, dreaming, talking and planning
Start by going out there and finding
The one.
The one you will love and who will hurt you back — like good ol’ romance
The one who will destroy all your grand novels and discoveries —
Making you stupid and weak like a snotty child
Because the one who will give you happiness

Is the one who will give you a new life
And close the moldy book on your past.

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