Taho Addiction: There’s No Rehab For It

tahoI got late today by 2 minutes. I could have ran like I used to when I still have 15 minutes left to get to our office at Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center from the Shaw Boulevard MRT Station. But I didn’t run because there was something more important than being on time today.

I had to get my daily fix of taho.

Yes, instead of running to be on time, I paid the taho vendor at the bottom of that freakishly steep MRT stairs, and took my time sipping and cherishing my P10 cup of taho, walking to the office with a bounce like Little Red Riding Hood.

I recently developed an addiction to taho that drives me to spend P20 a day just to get the hot white and brown stuff running through my throat and landing inside my belly. P20 because one cup is never enough. Monday this week, I was as sleepy as an old brown shoe because of playing Rumble Roses ’til past midnight. I was literally dragging my legs the next morning to get to the office when I saw the glittering can of taho at the bottom of the MRT stairs. I wanted coffee but since there was none of that nearby, I just settled for that P10 cup of taho.

Needless to say, the cup of taho was prepared by the Devil himself disguised as another shabby man on the street.

The moment that thick brown arnibal swirled around my tongue and that deviously white blob played inside my mouth, I ascended to seventh heaven like Jesus. When I swallowed it, I felt a burst of energy similar to what Popeye get with a can of spinach. All the sleepiness was gone in a matter of seconds and I felt so alert I could probably dodge a poisoned Na’vi arrow fired from 5 meters away.

Things turned from sweet to ugly from then on. From the moment I wake up and I feel my head aching because of sleep deprivation, I can only think of the only thing that will clear all the cobwebs away — taho. I just can’t wait to put my fingers around that plastic cup again and pour the contents of this Filipino street food into my mouth with a mad look on my face. I can’t help tweeting about it.

I want a whole jug of taho.

No — I want the whole can. I want to scoop up that white blob of heaven and shove it into my mouth, drool all over my chin. Then I’d pour all that arnibal into that white blob, and mix all the sago in there, and just drink everything ’til the can’s empty of that cursed stuff that haunt my daily thoughts.

Taho, taho, taho, taho…




From The Daily Plate

Taho is:

2 cups Water
2 cups Sugars, Brown
.5 cups Cooked Tapioca
5 servings Silken Tofu

…and 3 drops of God’s saliva.


6 thoughts on “Taho Addiction: There’s No Rehab For It

  1. I have my daily ritual of drinking COBRA energy drink naman.

    1. Wow. Effective ba ang COBRA energy drink? Dati kasi antok na antok ako, gusto kong manood ng Cynthia Alexander nung gabi na, tapos uminom ako ng Red Bull pero walang epekto. Kaya yun, halos makatulog ako don sa gig ni Cynthia, haha. 😀

  2. effective naman, but it’s addicting, maybe because of the caffeine 🙂

    1. Sige, sa susunod pag kailangan ko ng energy drink Cobra na bibilin ko, haha. If it’s good enough for law students, it’s good enough for me. 😀

  3. Soya Specialist March 16, 2010 — 7:09 pm

    Subukan mo ang cold taho. Masarap, — parang tamis ng unang halik 🙂

    1. Oy mukhang masarap nga yan, wag lang yung magtataho hahalik sa’yo.

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