Neverland: 129 Days to Go



I worked from 8:00 AM ’til 8:00 PM today. If I were in Canada or in Singapore, I’d be so filthy rich by now I’d have my own pad filled with PS3 and Xbox games, all the guy and geek magazines in the store, endless supplies of beer in my ref, and a siberian husky lapping at my ears.

But I’m in the Philippines so I have nothing.

I have a plan, though. A plan to get rich as quickly as possible or else risk losing the girl of my dreams. It’s a shoddy plan that involves transporting myself from the Philippines to Singapore and then to Canada as I’ve been saying quite repeatedly here in my ongoing countdown.

But before I start moving along with that plan, Chemae and I have to go through our tiny plan this weekend: a beach trip to Nagsasa Cove, Zambales.

So before we said goodnight to each other, we polished the major details of the trip. At first it was a toss up between Cagbalete, Quezon and Nagsasa. Cagbalete was our original plan but Chemae dug up some disgusting info about the place from the Web. Apparently, the place is now becoming too littered with seaweeds and bits of trash. Bonfires are also lit without restrictions, thus leading to sand discoloration. Chemae also noticed that the shore is too far away, which makes for some frustrating beach experience. This may be our last trip to the beach before she leaves for Canada, so we can’t have any of that.

Besides, Nagsasa is just epic. She said it’s a lot bigger than Anawangin and the pictures online are truly amazing to behold. I just can’t wait to feel the sand and water of that place and get out of this hellhole called the office. I also plan to blog about it once we come back. I can smell it. It’s gonna be amazing.

But this day is not. It’s a boring work day just like many others. 129 Days to go.


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2 responses to “Neverland: 129 Days to Go

  1. magnifika

    Shiyet naeexcite ako sa Nagsasa! Hahahahaha. I am soooo kilig!

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