Neverland: 121 Days to Go (Fast-forwarding the Fruitless Week)

Coming back from an awesome beach trip to Nagsasa, this week felt more incredibly dull as the city looked like a completely gray picture of staleness and pollution. The only thing that’s pushing me to continue doing my regular day-to-death activities is the prospect of a fun drinking session today, Friday, at Mogwai in Cubao Expo — the beehive of all the cool “artist” bees in the metro. But let it be known: I still prefer Sarah’s careless banter and layman philosophical talk over Mogwai’s. Still, with Lele, Angel and Rizch coming over, it should be great later.

And now, a quick review of this monotonous week, which just gobbled up 5 days of my precious time with Chemae:

125 Days to Go:

I kept thinking about how beautiful Nagsasa was compared to Pag-Asa, Quezon City and Ortigas Center, Pasig City. I worked and waited for our pictures to get uploaded on Facebook. Memories of danggit made my stomach growl and Chemae’s, too. I wore a white shirt.

124 Days to Go:

We are two very quiet and shy individuals. Our blogs betray our true personality. She wrote an insulting message over YM and I sent an insulting reply to her cell phone. That night, I felt like I was in a loony bin. She made me realize something valuable by inventing a very convincing facebook story. I wore my black company shirt. It was a good shirt and quite comfortable.

123 Days to Go:

She said days are going by slowly. I said days are going by pretty fast. We ate at Jollibee. She said she was addicted to their sundae made by Red Ribbon. I wore a purple shirt.

122 Days to Go:

I interviewed a bunch of on-the-job trainees at work. I guess I’ve really matured over the years (or maybe over the months since I knew Chemae) because I’m not as nervous now when facing a group of people as I used to be back in college. Felt weird being addressed as “kuya” when some of them looked older than me. At dinner, I really got disappointed over a certain Ilocano empanada, which had regular sweet longganisa instead of the garlicky longganisang Vigan. What the f*ck is the point of making an Ilocano empanada without its essence? They could have put tocino in there and it wouldn’t have mattered. I just love kissing her. I wore my now trademark black Joker shirt.

121 Days to Go:

Still working, still typing, still going to the bathroom every 15 minutes because of too much water. My throat still itches because of this goddamn cough I started to develop on the eve of our trip to Nagsasa, so I have to drink water every time I feel like coughing violently at my officemate’s faces. Chemae approves of this, though. She’s a huge believer in water therapy. She said drinking water cleanses your body and makes you strong. Isn’t she cute? 🙂

Well, I hope I don’t get lost on my way to Cubao Expo. Oh, and by the way, we’re planning something cool. It’s so cool I might just write my first locked entry very soon!

I’m wearing the same white shirt I wore on Monday. 121 Days to go.

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