Neverland: 107 Days to Go (A Failed Attempt at Self-Flagellation)

Yes, yes, crucify me! Pour gasoline on me then let my carcass burn through the night so the crackling fire and black smoke can serve as warning to all those who go back on their word!

I am guilty of not maintaining my countdown to Never, Neverland. And now, I cannot remember what happened in all those days since I last wrote a decent entry. All those rare, precious days are unrecorded now; forever forgotten by a man who tries desperately to remember them all.

After a year of living without Chemae, I’d reread my blog and notice the excruciating jump from 116 Days to 107 Days. I’d curse myself for being such a lazy-ass moron. Yes, there are only 107 Days to go before everything happy around me breathes their final breath. And I’m failing at remembering.

As pathetic as this alibi is, I will have to blame that four letter word all of us love to hate: work. I tend to get lazy in the mornings so my actual Working-Seriously-Now-Do-Not-Disturb-Mode oftentimes gets pushed to the second half of the day. And then there will be times when I’ll laze about some more, Tweeting some more, Facebookin’ some more, Tumblring some more until I don’t have enough time to continue my pledged countdown.

I feel so corrupted now, like I’m a big bag of laziness and Alzheimer’s disease.

Hopefully, I forgive myself.

But it’s not all bad news. Chemae told me recently that their flight could be moved to a later date — still in August — but to a later date due to some tenancy issues. That’s great news because that means I won’t have to cry such a deep river on my 25th birthday. At least she can still call me while she’s in Ilocos (there, I just broke my own heart again).

And another thing! Our long weekend will be so awesome all people around us will die with leafy plants sprouting out of their ears, mouths and eyesockets. That’s how green with envy they’ll get.

But as for us, we’re not looking forward to something green or blue or red. It’s all about white this weekend.

Happy Labor Day. May we all purge ourselves of procrastination and poor memory.

107 (FUCK!) Days to Go.

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