Neverland: 94 Days to Go (White Memories, Glenda Gloria, the Future and Noynoy)

We are down to two digits: 94 Days to go before ropes and nooses become strangely attractive to me. It is with great sadness and frustration that I announce my complete and utter resignation at maintaining my daily countdown. Still, I am very much determined to document the few days I have left, so I’ll just give an account of moments that my glitchy brain have successfully recorded.

White Memories

For me, there are two uses of metaphors: one is to beautify language and the other is to deliberately conceal meaning. In this case, when I say we had lots of fun white memories over the long weekend, I’m obviously using metaphor in the latter sense.

Some people just get big, red ants in their pants when you do something fun, forcing you to use metaphors in your blog. We can’t do anything about it because as I’ve said before, some (or most) people just can’t help being annoying. One thing I’ve learned during the course of my relationship with Chemae though is to never, ever underestimate her will to have fun.

When Chemae wants to have fun, some people may have to cry in pain.

Glenda Gloria at the Next Table

One of the biggest surprises when you get into a relationship with someone is his or her family. In my case, I wasn’t expecting the managing editor of Newsbreak and the CEO of ANC to be three meters away from me, eating Ilokano food at family gatherings.

You can never be prepared for such surreal encounters. Me, I sort of felt like a piece of wet booger in one of the hallways of the London School of Economics. And that’s not an exaggeration.

This is not to criticize anything about the beautiful family of Chemae. They are very, very good people with inspiring brains and power. “Inspiring” is the adjective I chose because I want to be like them someday. I do believe love will never be enough to hold Chemae and I together in the practical world. Somehow, I’ve got to find a way to fit in this crowd — not to climb any proverbial ladder — but for Chemae to be proud of me as a man. I will never take Chemae’s hands until I’m worthy of these people’s respect; and that is a pledge to Chemae, our love, and myself. Sanchezes can also be awesome; I’ll prove it.

I also take this opportunity to thank Lola Linda who has been exceptionally kind to me from the very first time I stumbled inside her door. Happy birthday to her again, and she can rest assured I’m whacking my brains every day to be a more worthy boyfriend to Chemae.

Who knows? Someday I might just get to chat with Glenda Gloria without feeling like a wet booger.

The Future Starts Now

I am taking baby steps to embrace the dark future. Tomorrow, I’m going to take exams somewhere far from my comfortable bare desk here in the office. Gotta push myself to look at other opportunities despite the temptation of free Naruto downloads holding me back.

Strawberry Shortcake

Remember that toy, Strawberry Shortcake? One of my cousins used to have the doll and I’d sniff its hair because it really smells like strawberries (Who am I kidding? Strawberries don’t smell that good. It’s strawberry flavor to the hundredth power, “more real than the real” like Jean Baudrillard said). Well, Chemae’s hair has looked exactly like Strawberry Shortcake’s since she colored it Flame Red. I thought it looked fantastic ’cause it really suits her fiery personality (when drunk, that is). And with that hair on, many things have been mind-blowingly better. I leave the guessing to you.

Noynoy Spamming Our Lives

You didn’t expect this entry to end without any mention of the 2010 elections, did you? It’s the obligatory thing to do today if you’re a Filipino Internet user who defines yourself as connected and interactive. Political talk is everywhere, political jokes are cool, political status messages are in, political politics is the ultimate entertainment.

But here I just want to say Noynoy is spamming our lives, and he’s bound to spam more. I’m not complaining; I’m actually excited for the yellow ribbons and confetti to rain, always a great sight to see. Chemae and I are huge supporters of the Yellow Fever (pun intended). Like I told Chemae, what I like about Aquino is his lineup of good advisers and the power of his surname to command a huge number of people to believe and to act. I don’t care if they call him crazy, a sleepyhead, or a halitosis patient. I believe his clean reputation and the burden of living up to his noble dead parents still make him the best man for the dirty job that is the presidency.

Maybe to celebrate our candidate’s big win, Chemae gave me this cool yellow T-shirt. I absolutely love it!

Man, I love my girl.

94 Days to go.

2 thoughts on “Neverland: 94 Days to Go (White Memories, Glenda Gloria, the Future and Noynoy)

  1. Yung introduction parang nakakarinig ako ng presidential candidate na nagko-concede. Naloloka na ako sa eleksyon! Sana magfast forward na para mas bago na yung pictures na pinopost mo, ang panget ko! Hehe. Char!

    Apir apir apir, hindi na uso yan! Wisik wisik nalang! Haha

    1. Siguro nga naapektuhan ng eleksyon na ‘to yung language ko, haha.

      Yup, we’re getting there. Baguio na yan, palapit na ng palapit. 😀

      “…Masdan mwoah ang beauty kwoah! Tataas ang kilay mwoah! Chweeeaaack!”

      Hahaha. 😀

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