I Love You This Monday

In the end, we just didn’t have enough power to bend this narrative to our will. Last night, I thought I’d wake up today, take a shower, have my breakfast, accompany you to the train station like we always do. I thought I’d be able to help you today. But here I am, suffering from one of the worst sore throats of my life. I can’t even speak because of how swollen my tonsils are.

But my problems are nothing compared to yours, compared to ours.

It looks like the end has finally come to this game of cat and mouse we’re playing with the people around us: our employers, my friends, your friends, my family, your family, your bandmates. We thought we will forever be one step ahead of them, but they’re just too fast, too quick now for us to swindle them again.

I don’t know what’s coming my way. I feel like I’m in a dark tunnel and I’m awaiting something fast hurtling toward me. I can’t see it but I think it’s a 5,000-ton train. I can never be prepared for this.

My throat is burning but I’ve never felt colder in my life. This is it.

So damn soon.

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