A Story of You and I

I am afraid of writing
because I can only write about you
and you are leaving

I am afraid of poetry
because the saddest poem
is the most enchanting one
and you can’t be the reason
I write it now.

Every morning, the birds remind me
that your plane flies well
like they fly well
and neither of them can ever fail.

And every evening, the dark sky whispers
that everyone’s almost asleep
and so are you
and so should I.
There’s no other choice but to sleep
and wake up again tomorrow.

Though I love your dreams
where I appear as a man
who the wild seas rock like a tiny bubble
about to be taken to shores unknown
or burst like nothing.

Funny that in those dreams
I was never cast as a hero,
not even a bungling one like Don Quixote.
I can’t help thinking dreams
summarize the reality
lurking under our bed.

Still, I guess, when you’re finally out
of my sight and far from my warmth,
you might be afraid and alone
on a half-deserted street.
You might long for me and our days
behind the grimy curtains
where we just laughed at each other’s

I wish I could be there for you
in those moments.
You know I will have some nonsense
to say, a theory to wield
or a medicine to prescribe
to make it a better day.

But I won’t be
because I’ll be at home
mending memories,
changing them to weave a story;
a story of how I met you on a broken bench,
of how I held your hand like I owned you
allowed us
to exist;
a story about how I knew even then
that your fingers matched the spaces
between mine,
and that your lips
fit the empty hole on my face
and in my soul;

a story of you and I,

the only real story ever told to man.
and the only story
I will sit through
from now on
’til I’m 88
and my grandkids
have grown tired of it
for the millionth time.

4 thoughts on “A Story of You and I

  1. Sige ka iiyak na naman ako, ikaw na naman magpapanic! Haha. πŸ˜€

    1. Iyak-iyakan! Haha. =))

  2. dahlia to. I love this post. I think I read this 3 times already and every time makes me feel sad. They said being left behind will experience a worse feeling than the one leaving but I disagree. Naalala ko pa na parang gusto kong tumalon sa eroplano nun pero hello!!! I hope you guys still stick together despite distance, you know technology. I pray to see Marvin’s bricks turn into a bright and strong future soon. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Dahls! Thanks for visiting my blog. Meron ka rin palang WordPress. πŸ™‚

      Oo, sa tingin ko nga parehas lang naman ang level ng lungkot dahil parehas lang naman kayong mahahati sa dalawa. She’s cried a lot at ako naman, maiyak-iyak na rin sa iba’t ibang places. Hindi pa naman bumubuhos lahat pero malapit na, one of these days. I really feel cold inside.

      Yup, I’ll do my best to build a brighter future for us. I just can’t let her slip away.

      Thanks, Dahls! Hope you’re ok, too.

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