I Talk to Make You Agree. Therefore, I’m a Jerk

Is agreement the whole point of talking?

Can we reduce it to this: two men discussing whether a rock is gray or brown?The first man  says, “That rock is definitely gray” while the other one says, “No, that rock is definitely brown.” So the first one gives evidence that the rock is gray, presenting perhaps a chart that lists down the conditions for when a rock is to be called a gray rock. The other one, upon reading the chart thoroughly, agrees. In this situation, talking ends.

Of course the problem here is when the other person vehemently disagrees that the rock is gray. If he can conjure up his own chart or exploit the other one’s chart thoroughly for mistakes that could destroy his proposition. If neither one agrees to the other one”s proposition, then things may even take a dive for the ugly. The gray-rock person can punch the brown-rock person in the nose for not agreeing. The brown-rock person can commit suicide to prove his point. In this situation, talking never ends.

And that’s the whole point of talking.

I talk to make you agree. Therefore, I’m a jerk.

4 thoughts on “I Talk to Make You Agree. Therefore, I’m a Jerk

  1. I do want people to agree with me, proof or without proof, to be honest. What I really want though is a fruitful, intelligent discussion, not a debate on who is right or wrong.

    1. Yeah, debates can be a real pain the neck, especially for me, ’cause the disagreements tend to haunt and hound my mind even after the debate was long over. I think talking has no other purpose but to make the other party agree, whether we set out wanting that end or not. It’s sort of built into language. So it’s like even if we consider ourselves very open-minded and we’re talking just to learn things and give our views and all that, the truth is, we’re imposing. We impose when we talk.

      1. Ahahahaha! I didn’t know you were Filipino!!! I checked out your other posts and saw one posted in Tagalog. I read it but I didn’t really understand much, although I know I’m fluent in conversational Tagalog. It’s a mystery why I can’t understand written Tagalog. Anyways, I think I got the gist. It’s about your love for your girlfriend, right? Awwww!!

  2. Haha, yeah, full-blooded Filipino here although I always like to imagine I’ve got Spanish in there somewhere. It helps not knowing the family tree, so you can imagine stuff like that. But yeah, seems like you’re Filipino, too. Our national hero, Rizal, who loved Tagalog, will really take an issue with you if he were alive, hehe. I’m not sure what post you’re referring to, but most likely you’re right and it’s about my girlfriend. Most of the stuff here is about her, addressed to her, or has some relation to what we’re going through. Emo Filipino stuff. Haha. Thanks for getting the gist though your Tagalog sucks. Kidding. 😀 Thanks for having the interest to explore stuff.

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