The Evil One

Stay away
from the evil one,
the one who doesn’t care.
He’ll woo you with his sugary words
then devour you like regular fare
when everyone’s not looking,
too busy in their own worlds.

Stay away from the liar.
He’ll lead you to his lair.
Sneaky, plotting, a treacherous
soul indeed.
Never let your heart flutter
when he overflows you with good deeds.
He has the charm of the devil,
a beautiful demon with a tucked tail.

Stay away
from the false one,
the one who lacks a heart.
He doesn’t feel anything,
he’ll kill you in a snap!
His eyes are blind to suffering,
ears long deaf to cries.
His skin has gone cold to the touch
and he cannot remember any warmth!

Stay away! Stay away!
Stop your feelings for a second.
Avoid jumping into his jaws
with your love soaring to the heavens.
The merciless evil one will tear your flesh,
grind your bones,
fry you in your own grease
and season you with your romance.
For the evil one knows no intimacy,
a creature of the darkest dark.

So never set out for the blackest woods.
Go back while you still can!
No human awaits you
where the sun doesn’t shine.
The evil one is brooding,
waiting for the next lady fair
to awaken his morbid hunger
and end all hopes again.


Filed under Life, Love, Poems

4 responses to “The Evil One

  1. agreeable sentiment,
    stay away from the evil,

    thanks for sharing.

  2. bakit ba ang galing nyu? haha :)) I always enjoy reading your masterpieces 😀 I wish I could make something as great as this. I’m not flattering 🙂 This is an honest compliment. .^_^

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