If You Can Buy Some Land

Photo by Kitty Bantayan

If you can buy some land

surely you can buy some time?



If you have enough money for the lot

surely it won’t mean a lot



to let the lot

in your lot

move out without



a drop of blood?



If you have enough cash

to purchase that land

and land people with cash

in condos of lush;

and employ a lush lot

in businesses that encash,

grand and with brands,



then surely you shouldn’t gnash

your teeth when the lot

of people in your lot–

as poor as sewer rats,

as rotten as rotten rots–

refuse your will



for their shanties to be smashed?



For surely

you wouldn’t die

in a week or in a month,

in a year or even longer

–far longer than that–



if your businesses that encash

and your condos that land

lush people with lands

fail to materialize

before your eyes

as quickly as you would like?



For surely

you cannot die

of hunger

like this lot

of people in your lot

ragged as rats

rotted and rots,

barely human and humane,

living in your land?



For surely

the absence

of splintered bones and homes,

of shattered dreams and hopes



is infinitely more valuable

than cold hard









buildings that encash

and condos that land

landed people with lots

and a home for your lot

secure for years with brands,

as grand as grand

can get grand?



If you can buy a title

surely your tail

won’t rattle



if it takes years for the battle

to end without even



a scuffle?



For how can a man

watch his fellowmen

get clobbered and hammered

by the police

like pricey wooden sidings

of encashing commercial buildings?



How can he sleep soundly

when mothers weep loudly

through cold nights

in streets that are

as deathly cruel

as condos are

stylishly cool?



How can a man,


be capable of such deed,

just to satisfy a whim



to urgently plant

a residential unit or

a manufacturing plant

on land so soaked in grim?



How can a man do that–

it’s impossible, IMPOSSIBLE!


he sees the lot

of people in his lot

as nothing but

a nest

of two-legged rats?



So I ask you again,

you proud legal buyers,

you stash of cash stackers,



if you can buy some land

surely you can buy some TIME?



For “time is gold” they say

and these rats their gold

is just that



enough time to pass their stay,

time to play an unwinnable game



time to move out of your way,

finally–oh at long last–



and waste away,



waste away.


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