What Eats Me


What eats me
Is that I never sleep early
Even when I’m already brain-dead
And brains remind me of zombies
Eater of brains
Bringer of pains
Probably like you.

What eats me
Is that I never stop trying
Putting cheese to it and rhyming
Gradually dying
Whenever you so much as pass by.

What eats me
Is that you never intend it
But you create chaos anyway
Like an innocent child
Or a mad man in the street
Or just a lazy god with too much time
And boredom in his godly seat.

What eats me
Is that I’ll probably never get my chance
To show you I’m great at other things, too,
Other things besides a drunken night’s dance.

What eats me
Is that you’ll never be somebody else
Perhaps someone with less brains
And brains remind me of zombies
Sad, soaked zombies in the pouring rain.

You’ll just never be somebody else
Someone I can actually impress
Without instantly getting depressed
Over my ambitious romantic request.

Sucks that you’ll never be somebody else
Somebody ugly perhaps,
Or poor,
Or awkward,
Or annoying
With an ambulance’s siren for a voice
Or jagged stalactites for teeth
Or–shit I don’t know
Somebody less you I guess.

What eats me
Is that you possibly never even listened
When I told you stuff
That left me traumatized
The rest of the weekend.

What eats me–
Beats me!
Maybe some icky thought of you
And me
Just you and me
And a dreamy walk
Along the campus I used to roam.
I’ll show you there’s more to it than you think
There are flowers and bees and beautiful things.
Lines that would melt your guard
Stares that would compress time and space
And reasons never to feel alone again.

What eats me
Ate all those other boys.

What eats me
Devoured their hopeful hearts
And silent farts alike.

What eats me
Eats the night,
Eats the reasons
And the fight inside;
Eats the itch,
Eats my speech,
It’s freakin’ insane–
Life’s a bitch;
Eats the rights and the wrongs,
The common sense to just play along.
‘Cause what eats me
Eats like a zombie
And ’til you shoot it dead
It’ll go on a killing spree.

What eats me,
It’s you.

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5 thoughts on “What Eats Me

    1. Haha thanks! Mas creative talaga ang pusong dehado. :))

      1. Mas may angst eh. Haha!

  1. Stop letting her eat you. 🙂

    1. Anghirap talaga pag one-way eating spree. Luge. =))

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