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Neverland: 129 Days to Go



I worked from 8:00 AM ’til 8:00 PM today. If I were in Canada or in Singapore, I’d be so filthy rich by now I’d have my own pad filled with PS3 and Xbox games, all the guy and geek magazines in the store, endless supplies of beer in my ref, and a siberian husky lapping at my ears.

But I’m in the Philippines so I have nothing.

I have a plan, though. A plan to get rich as quickly as possible or else risk losing the girl of my dreams. It’s a shoddy plan that involves transporting myself from the Philippines to Singapore and then to Canada as I’ve been saying quite repeatedly here in my ongoing countdown.

But before I start moving along with that plan, Chemae and I have to go through our tiny plan this weekend: a beach trip to Nagsasa Cove, Zambales. Continue reading


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Time to Reflect on Time

I’m quite sure you said something like, “WTF? It’s Friday already?” last Friday. I sure did, but earlier. I said something like, “WTF? It’s Thursday already?” last Thursday.

In fact, I already said something like that as early as Monday. I said, “WTF? I’m heading home and Monday’s already over?”

It’s July, folks. Better say, “WTF? Half the year is already over?” before it’s too late. You’ve gotta be sensitive about these things. You’ve gotta say “WTF?” regularly just to acknowledge how insanely fast time passes by these days.

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Blue Waffle Welcomes Me Back


I’m on the 27th floor, writing newsletters for the company and blogs for myself.

It’s been almost a month now since I returned to the Blue Waffle Building. My comeback was mostly a silent operation since I didn’t want people to ask too many questions what happened to me. I appreciate some of the curiosity though and I’m glad that a few people actually care.

Three months ago, I wrote a very emotional blog on my farewell to the Blue Waffle Company and my friends here. Back then, I really thought everything was over for me in this company. No more clunky elevator rides, no more coffee and cigarette breaks beside the moldy pool, no more 5th and 27th floors. Still, I didn’t burn the last bridge I had with it. I couldn’t because I left my heart there. Continue reading


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The Global Economy Falls Into Recession and I’m on Facebook

I’m watching YouTube and surfing Facebook, Multiply, and other websites while hungry and determined applicants take exams to get hired by the company. The irony of this unproductive life is sometimes overwhelming.

I’m still floating, still waiting for a client to descend from the heavens and save me from joblessness. It is pathetic and I don’t deny it one bit.

But what is the better thing to do? I’m still getting paid to do the boring things I do. No one seems to be bothered by the fact that I’m watching Pupil’s music videos for eight hours. They pay me the same thing, so why strive harder and look for a job out there?

I have a month or more of client-less surfing and cyberslacking (if you can even call it that) before the company chucks me out. I say enjoy the relaxed, stress-free life rather than seek a new job.

I’m aware that my reasoning here stinks, especially to people who are dedicated to their careers and to their future. I’ve always been cool when it comes to my career though, so I’m not easily bothered by these things. Jobs will always be out there. My e-mail is still filled with ads for writing jobs. I’m getting one of those jobs when the company finally decides to throw me out. Until then, I’ll gladly use their free and fast Internet connection.

My resume should get me somewhere. It should give me my bread. I try not to worry, and I really don’t, most of the time.

There are times when I feel like I’m walking leisurely in a field of land mines or I’m rowing a small boat in shark-infested waters. The global economy is ailing, people are losing their jobs, homes and getting hungry, while I sit here, updating my status on Facebook. Worse, when there’s nothing better to do, I spend my lunch break in the mall. Yes, I’m malling and surfing as the world crumbles down.

And today, I feel kind of guilty that I’m so relaxed when all around me, these applicants are really putting their brains to work to answer the test. The guilt is not enough to push me to find a new job later, though. No, I’ll definitely surf some more later.

The irony of this unproductive life is sometimes overwhelming.


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