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A Sound Infrastructure of Friendship

Without friends, we won’t have any identity. But more importantly, without friends, we cannot be someone good, let alone great.

I wouldn’t call myself a good friend. Burning bridges has been so easy to me that you could probably call me a social arsonist. Lately however, I’ve learned to rediscover the value of bonding with other people thanks to my girlfriend who’s a bona fide friend-magnet. The last couple of weekends have made me feel like I’m actually breathing air, and walking the hard concrete, and sweating the cruel heat. This is all because I’ve met, talked, and had fun with more people than I could ever imagine in my life. With new eyes staring at me and new mouths addressing me, I feel more alive than ever before. Continue reading

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Blue Waffle Welcomes Me Back


I’m on the 27th floor, writing newsletters for the company and blogs for myself.

It’s been almost a month now since I returned to the Blue Waffle Building. My comeback was mostly a silent operation since I didn’t want people to ask too many questions what happened to me. I appreciate some of the curiosity though and I’m glad that a few people actually care.

Three months ago, I wrote a very emotional blog on my farewell to the Blue Waffle Company and my friends here. Back then, I really thought everything was over for me in this company. No more clunky elevator rides, no more coffee and cigarette breaks beside the moldy pool, no more 5th and 27th floors. Still, I didn’t burn the last bridge I had with it. I couldn’t because I left my heart there. Continue reading


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Goodbye, Waffle Building!


She told me that a friend told her that the building looked like a waffle.

I rarely see the entire building when I’m walking briskly to the office. I just know it’s blue, grimy blue.

And in that grimy blue waffle building, as I wrote that impromptu resignation letter in the same interview room where the best days of my working life started, my mind couldn’t help but be filled with flashbacks.

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What I Have to Say Regarding the Matter at Hand

Stop trying to hit me and hit me!

"Stop trying to hit me and hit me!"

I wonder if some people are actually hating me at this very moment?

I know I’m hating a bunch of people at this very moment.

But it’s just weird because I feel like there are people whom I’ve never met before who are hating or are getting irritated with me at this very moment.

It’s a weird feeling.

It’s like you’re stepping inside a battlefield without knowing how you got there. You don’t even want to believe that this chaotic land is a battlefield. You were hoping for green meadows filled with flowers but what you got is this bloody war.

Maybe it’s not that bad.

After all, I haven’t done anything wrong as far as I can tell.

I had a huge crush, fell in love, tested the waters, had a great time, got extremely lucky, and fell in love deeper and deeper and deeper.

That’s all that happened.

It’s also necessary to point out that this is not her fault. What was wrong in her decision? What is wrong with deciding to end something that doesn’t bring her happiness anymore? Are people supposed to torture themselves for the rest of their lives just because something is so convenient for other people? Are we so sadistic to refuse to understand that the heart changes and love is fleeting?

I imagine that if some people are hating me right now, it’s probably because they think I stole something, which is not true. People don’t get stolen. You see, they have brains and hearts of their own. They decide whether to go from here to there or to stay. I didn’t steal anything. Someone reached out to me and I was so glad to hold her hand.

It’s also possible that people think I’m too lucky. They’re probably jealous, envious, nauseous of me. Well, to put it plainly, I really don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, I’m in love and I do everything to keep my love beside me.

I heard that I was described as a “test.” That gets to me because it’s like geniuses suddenly proclaimed that all of my actions, thoughts and feelings up to now were nothing but a single cliche word to them — test. That makes me feel like a statistic in a table of averages.

Well, tell you what: the more you encapsulate me with labels and formulas, the more I’ll tear down the walls and prove this can be done. I won’t succumb to assumptions and predictions lapped up by people who know nothing about how I feel. I’ll be the remainder in the equation – unexplainable, indivisible.

Big words, you think?

Wait ’til you see the actions.

And if ever I turn out to be a test after all, then I’ll make sure that I’ll be the biggest test people would have to confront. I’ll leave permanent marks, immortal memories.


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