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Man of Steel Review: Or Why this Proper Superman is Getting Pummeled by Some Critics


Be careful what you wish for.

Ever since the first Superman film directed by Richard Donner and iconically acted by Christopher Reeve came out in 1978, people–especially hardcore comic book fans–have yearned for a “proper” Superman movie. Not to say that all previous films about the guy in the blue and red suit were total failures;the two Donner films (one uncredited), in particular, are still loved by many. But Superman’s story is mighty ambitious and epic in scale even by comic book standards. And so while the live-action movies and TV series throughout the years got some of the story’s basics right, fans have still been left longing for more–more of the sci-fi that makes Krypton Krypton, more of the godly strength of Kryptonians, more of the thrill of flying when a man really denies the laws of physics, more of the mythos of Superman. Man of Steel, the latest reboot of the Superman hollywood franchise, aimed to do just that.

So why is it getting mixed reviews? Why does Superman Returns–a film sorely lacking in spectacle in comparison and so campy as to be mistaken from the ’90s–have a higher score on Rotten Tomatoes? Why the flak from more serious publications when most geeky sites, especially IGN, are praising the film as one of the finest superhero movies ever?

I set out to propose an argument. Continue reading


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You’re Not an Actor and Life’s Not Hollywood

Seen any film crew and cameras around lately? Bet you haven’t. ‘Cause you’re not an actor and life is not a Hollywood flick.

Oftentimes, I feel like we’ve seen too many opening credits, heard too many dramatic dialogues and sat through too many action sequences that we have unconsciously imbibed this notion that our lives are screened in a packed theater. You have people who sound like they are overcoming their weaknesses everyday in an epic struggle to win against their evil shadows from the depths of their hearts and consciousness. There are girls who make a career out of sounding like a damsel in distress, waiting for Richard Gere to climb the ladder like a knight; and cynics who virtually walk around with banners draped around their necks saying, “Cynic who Hates the World but Who Knows the Truth; Prince Charming in Disguise.”

This unconscious belief that we’re all actors in the big screen wouldn’t be so annoying if people didn’t always whine for a happy ending. Problem is, everyone wants to be a wounded hero or a locked up princess in their own farcical way. Everyone is unconsciously assuming a stereotypical personality, spewing the same old cliche to look good and attain an instant identity.

The following observations from a stereotypical writer might help us actors wake up from our tinsel-tainted dreams:

– Being mean isn’t always cool and sassy. It’s usually rude and makes people want to punch your face.

– It’s not pleasant to hear the ear-splitting groans of a tortured grown man in love. Always check yourself for unconscious Facebook spamming.

– 95% of people have already realized your realizations and their lives didn’t change one bit.

– Love is definitely a massive issue, but it’s not everything. For instance, the impending violent explosion of Taal Volcano and the fare hike have nothing to do with your tearful and bloody attempts at chasing the woman of your dreams. So please, stop talking like Joe D’ Mango.

– People usually understand you despite your repeated whining that “They don’t understand me.” It’s not like we can’t read and decipher words strung to each other in the English or Filipino language.

– The world is not divided into good and evil. And if you think you’re playing for the good side, Jesus may have a different opinion. Give all your possessions to people in need, then we’ll talk.

– The world is not divided into good and evil. And if you think you’re playing for the evil side, you’re nowhere near as evil as the guy who tried to blow up Times Square and kill or injure as many innocent people as he can. I’ll bet all my money you’re just an attention-deprived bloke who frequently listens to death metal and smokes like a garbage incineration plant. You’re not as black as the sheep you think you are.

– Listening to rock doesn’t make you different. Be a fan of April Boy Regino then we’ll talk. Continue reading


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