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Neverland: 130 Days to Go

Someday I might just write a letter to the makers of Red Horse and San Mig Light, thanking them for helping me do what I initially thought was impossible.

I haven’t slept for more than two days because my head is crunching too many thoughts. The infernal heat also has a lot to do with my endless turning in bed. Except for that, this day is ordinary.

Ordinary days like this are the ones that eat up so much time. It’s the kind of day that can be summarized as waking up, working, going home and sleeping. Before you know it, half the year is gone because of ordinary days like this. As for me, my routine won’t seem to change even if I have only 130 Days left before a part of me officially departs like the dead.

We had a little fight over my tendency to fool around when she’s saying something serious. The truth is I’m dead serious about this immigration matter, but my tendency to not plan in detail can be taken as inaction or passivity by her and other people. But really, I don’t have to prove myself. I have a plan in place but I can’t set it in motion right now because I am too focused on spending each moment with her. The future is dark for me, and there’s no doubt now that I will walk it, perhaps alone. But at least today, that’s a problem I will fuss about after my 130 Days are over. Continue reading


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